Words you can spell on your calculator screen

Words you can spell on your calculator screen

You’re not much of a engineering student if you’ve never played with your own scientific calculator.

By violin I mean writing the craziest things you can write using its digital screen, inverted or not.

Perhaps these numbers read as text can even be used as a communication tool during testing.

Regardless, it’s fun.

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There are different buttons in one scientist calculator that perform various functions. Besides numbers, there are constants, trigonometric functions, and logarithms, among others. They’re there to do the math (duh!) But they can do more than that. They can be used to represent letters for no reason but to waste time when boredom strikes.

Don’t expect the English alphabet to be found in your scientific calculators, however. It actually depends on which one you have. But you know, engineers have top notch creativity and come up with the strangest ways to spell words on a calculator screen. Here are some examples:

I see legs (source: The Guardian)
I see legs (source: The Guardian)
Go to Hell (Source: Business Insider)
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Crazy (Source: gabbyboucher12)
Crazy (Source: gabbyboucher12)
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Try to spell them out on your calculator:

Hell, She, Is, Leo, Hello, Minus, Bob, Sell, Oil, Shell
Boss, sob, Bose, so, see, floor, threshold, oh, boil
Bio, Hobo, Hole, Bad, Loss, Lee, Lose, Go, Breastless
Boob, Shoe, Go2hell, Minus, Sheesh, Ohio, Loose
Pig, Biggie, Bee, Bell, Laces, Obesehog, Bibo
Glasses, Goolies, Biggles, Boobies, Hellhole, Leslie
Egg, Sound, Practice, Bible, Hi, Boobs, Ellie, Hoe, Die
Lollipops, Shell.oil, Goose, Gesse, Gobble (s), Hollies, Giggle

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Or try running them to get a word backwards:

22032 4
57171 – 63
83765 – 25687
77.34 100
(378 x10000) + 1637
609 x 5
530700 15
6427 x 5
770 x 4
10611625 23
37816048 +125
5350130 + 5248
43312 – 5236
32664 + 2342
1615 x 5

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Do you know of any other words or phrases that can be spelled out in the calculator?

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