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Estimate the number of calories burned while walking.

Walking is one of the best things you can do to improve your health and lose weight.

What is the Calorie Burned Walking Calculator and how does it work?

This calculator roughly estimates the number of calories someone burns while walking.

How does he do this?

First of all, the calculator determines your metabolic rate or metabolism based on your weight.

What does it mean? Read on for a more detailed explanation.

If you take two people, one weighs 150 lbs and the other weighs 210 lbs, the person who weighs less will burn fewer calories during the exact same workout compared to the heavier person.

Why is that?

A calorie is a unit of energy, and a heavier person needs more energy to move their body or to perform activities.

Think of it like how a larger vehicle typically uses more fuel than a smaller one. Weight affects fuel consumption (the amount of energy used).

But it also means that the a heavier person expends more calories in a rested state (without exercise).

This is also known as the metabolic rate or metabolism.

The calculator uses a formula to approximate the calories burned while at rest, and then takes into account the duration and intensity of the activity to estimate the calories burned.

How to Use the Calorie Burned Walking Calculator

The calories burnt while walking calculator is quite simple and straightforward.

To ensure you have an easy experience, we’ve included detailed step-by-step instructions below.

Step 1: Choose your preferred unit of measure: imperial (lbs, hours and minutes) or metric (kilograms, hours and minutes).

2nd step: Enter your weight.

Step 3: Enter the number of hours of walking (for example, 1, 2, 3, etc.).

Note: You can also use values ​​less than one hour in the hours area. For example, 0.5 would be thirty minutes and 0.25 would be fifteen minutes. However, we recommend that you use the minutes box instead, if the duration is less than an hour.

Step 4: Enter the number of walking minutes.

Note: Since an hour is 60 minutes, the maximum number of minutes you can enter is 59. Put “0” in the hours box to have the calculator estimate calories burned in minutes.

Step 5: Select the walking speed. Tip: Click directly on the text (for example, slow, normal, fast, fastest) and not empty gray circle. This will ensure that the walking speed is selected.

Step 6: Hurry Calculate!

How many calories can I burn while walking?

The number of calories you can burn with an activity depends on a few different factors such as your weight, the intensity and duration of the exercise, or the length of time you perform the activity. Therefore, it can vary greatly.

But that is the purpose of this calculator. You type in the necessary details and it will give you an accurate estimate of calories burned while walking.

However, we have provided a few examples of how our calculator will estimate calories burned.

According to the Burnt Calorie Walking Tool, a 125 lb person who walks at a normal pace for 45 minutes will burn 156 calories.

The same person will burn around 192 calories walk fast and 223 calories faster Walking speed.

How many calories will a much heavier person burn while walking? A 250 lb person walking at a slow pace will burn around 208 calories. They will burn around 256 calories while walking at a brisk pace..

How many calories you can burn while walking or doing any physical activity depends on several factors.

While it is not that easy to accurately estimate the calories burned by movement, our calculator is designed to provide a reasonable estimate of energy expenditure.

Can walking help me lose a lot of weight?

Walking is an easy-to-do, low-impact activity that can definitely aid the weight loss process.

But how much weight you really and truly lose depends on your overall habits and your approach to your goals.

As long as you create a calorie deficit, and doing it in a healthy and proper way, you can lose weight.

If you walk and / or participate in other forms of physical activity for the purpose of losing weight, you want to figure out your maintenance calories, then reduce your calorie intake, exercise more, or do a combination of the two.

Use our weight loss calculator to determine the number of calories you need to take in to lose weight.

If you are also strength training and want to maximize muscle gain and maintenance while shedding body fat, our macronutrient calculator is a very useful tool.

He will recommend an ideal intake of proteins, carbohydrates and lipids.

Muscle man

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How many calories does walking burn compared to other forms of cardio?

There are many different variables that determine the number of calories burned between different forms of cardio activity. Weight, intensity / pace and duration are the most important factors. Although the environment, hormones and genetics also play a role. But there is no easy way to measure them.

Therefore, we stick to the basic details that contribute the most to the approximation.

If you want to compare the estimates of calories burned during various activities, we have provided a calculator which includes a database of over 250 different exercises and activities.

Why you should walk, not run to lose weight

Many health experts would agree that, especially for overweight people, walking is better than running for weight loss. However, running will undoubtedly burn more calories in less time. That is not the point, however, and it is better to be safe than sorry.

This is because the impact of running and the extra body weight is great on the joints. However, many recommend walking rather than running, even for people of normal weight. This is to avoid the potential long-term side effects of running which can negatively impact well-being.

Discover these qualities joint supplements to support your performance and potentially improve your joint health.

But running is a form of activity or exercise that many people enjoy and cannot live without. Not to mention that athletes have to run to compete.

Ideally, however, and for the most part, it is best suited for healthy, normal-weight people.

But wearing the right footwear and practicing proper running form is imperative for joint safety.

Also, be sure to try our other calculators below.

Shed extra pounds and get in better shape!

Walking is essential for the maintenance of good health and, when combined with good eating habits, for a slim figure. Not to mention that the health benefits alone are a reason to take more steps every day.

The Calorie Burned Walking Calculator is a useful tool that can help anyone estimate energy expenditure and enter numbers.

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