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Use the US Navy Body Fat Calculator to estimate your body fat percentage based on your gender, height, weight, waist circumference and neck circumference.

This tool uses the US Navy formula to determine body composition or fat to lean ratio.

What is the US Navy Body Fat Calculator?

As the name suggests, this tool is based on the formula developed by the US Navy which measures body fat and body composition based on personal statistics such as gender, height and weight, as well as height and neck size.

Members of the military, including naval recruits, are required to meet certain body composition standards as part of the enlistment requirements.

The ratio of body fat to lean tissue can predict health and fitness. A high percentage of body fat is often associated with being overweight or obese. Although this is not necessarily always the case.

You can have 25% body fat, which is considered high for men, although you can fall within a normal bodyweight range for your height. It just means that you need to put on some weight and make a little change in your diet and lifestyle in general.

Try these body composition exercises to build more muscle and lose fat.

The BMI Calculator is a useful tool in determining an ideal body weight range depending on your gender, weight, height and age. However, it does not give an approximation of body composition like the US Navy body fat calculator does.

The most accurate method for measuring body fat

Although the US Navy Body Fat Calculator can give you a reasonable estimate of body fat and body composition, it is not the most accurate, however, it is one of the most convenient and it gets close enough for the armed forces to use it.

It’s also important to mention that even more advanced methods may not give you 100% accurate readings, but they can come very close and are quite reliable.

Skinfold measurements, body fat scales, and other portable and portable devices are generally the least accurate methods for determining body fat and composition.

More accurate methods such as hydrostatic weighing and DEXA / DXA scanning are more expensive and require you to visit a facility that offers these more advanced technologies.

While not as accurate but certainly acceptable, our body fat calculator is a great option and free. You don’t need any tools, but there are options to use a caliper for more precision or a tape measure (not as precise).

It takes a bit more effort and detail, but it should give you a more accurate estimate of the fat to lean ratio and you can compare your results to the US Navy’s body fat calculator.

How to Use the US Navy Body Fat Calculator

Although the calculator is fairly simple to use, it is important to make sure that you are providing accurate information to get the best possible result.

The best time to weigh yourself and take your waist and neck measurements is the first thing to do when you wake up after using the bathroom and before you eat or drink anything.

Step 1: Choose the desired unit of measurement: imperial (pounds, feet and inches) or metric (kilograms, meters and centimeters).

2nd step: Choose gender

Step 3: Enter your current weight and height

Step 4: Enter waist measurements at the navel (navel) for men and just above the navel for women.

Step 5: Enter the neck measurement (narrowest part of the neck below the larynx)

Step 6: Enter the measurement from the hip to the widest (only for women)

Step 7: Hit Calculate!

Analyze your results

The calculator will display estimates of your body fat percentage, body fat in pounds / kg, lean mass in pounds / kg, and “fat category”.

So, for example, if you are a 5’10 male who weighs 142 pounds and has a waist of 32 inches and a neck of 14 inches, your results will look like the following.

  • Body fat: 15 (%)
  • Fat mass: 21 (pounds)
  • Lean mass: 121 (pounds)
  • Fat Category: Adjust

So based on your results, you have 15% body fat, 21 pounds of body fat, 121 pounds of lean mass (muscles, bones, organs, etc.) and you are considered a fit individual.

How to take the waist and neck measurement

While this part shouldn’t be difficult, trying to get an accurate measurement is often frustrating.


Men should measure their waist at the navel, also known as the navel. For women, the narrowest part of the waist is usually just above the navel.

To get a good measurement, stand up straight, breathe normally, and have someone take your measurement or use a mirror to do it yourself.


Measure the narrowest part of the neck, usually below the larynx, also called the Adam’s apple.


Your hip circumference at its widest point.

US Navy Body Fat Formula

This handy tool uses a different formula than our other body fat calculator. Below we have included the US Navy body fat formulas for men and women.

Men’s formula

% BF = 495 / (1.0324 – 0.19077 * log10 (height – neck) + 0.15456 * log10 (height)) – 450

Woman formula

% BF = 495 / (1.29579 – 0.35004 * log10 (waist + hip – neck) + 0.22100 * log10 (height)) – 450

US Navy Body Fat Standards

Below we have provided the body fat limits for both men and women. To note: The following numbers are what we could find regarding Navy standards and reflect the requirements at a given time.

  • 18 to 21 years old – 22% For men, 33% for females;
  • 22 to 29 years old – 23% For men, 34% for females;
  • 30 to 39 years old – 24% For men, 35% for females;
  • Over 40 years old – 26% For men, 36% for females.

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Are you in good shape for the US Navy?

The US Navy Body Fat Calculator is convenient and easy to use whether you are planning to serve in the US Navy or just want to measure your body fat percentage and body composition using this free tool.

While it might not be as accurate as other methods of measuring body fat, it doesn’t require a lot of effort other than hopping on the scale and measuring your waist and neck size.

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