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Minimum account: $0

Some products: Stocks, crypto, mutual funds, options, Forex, commodities, and more.

Costs: $0 for stock trades


TryTrade is one of the most robust online investment platforms that has been around for several years. This has earned the broker a strong position in the market, attracting a global clientele and steadily increasing daily trading volumes. TryTrade shines with superior trading resources, broader market access, and a huge selection of investment products for different types of investors.

TryTrade has continually innovated its product offerings, trading platforms and practices to appeal to a wide range of traders and investors. The broker’s strong commitment to highly flexible and efficient online investment solutions gives it a unique advantage in the industry. However, TryTrade’s geographical coverage is limited and their trading platforms can be overwhelming for beginners.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Superior trading tools and resources
  • A wider selection of investment products
  • Access to global markets
  • Great customer support
  • Rich educational offers

The inconvenients

  • Limited geographical coverage
  • Trading tools can be overwhelming for beginners

The benefits explained

Superior trading tools and resources

The desktop, web and mobile versions of the broker offer a range of advanced trading tools and technical features. The platforms are highly customizable, allowing you to optimize trading features to suit your needs and preferences.

Robust product offerings

TryTrade has a strong portfolio that combines various traditional assets, new asset classes and other innovative products under one roof. This gives investors the flexibility to pursue their desired investment strategies with greater efficiency.

Access to global markets

TryTrade clients have unlimited access to numerous national and international market centers, including exchanges, market makers and automated trading systems.

Great customer support

Traders and investors on TryTrade also benefit from exceptional customer support services which you can access 24/7 via phone, email, messaging and live chat.

Rich educational offers

TryTrade provides excellent educational programming that perfectly meets the unique needs of international traders and investors.

Disadvantages Explained

Limited geographical coverage

Although TryTrade is a multinational brokerage firm with a global customer base and direct access to many international markets, their services are still inaccessible in a few regions and countries. Check their website for information on supported countries.

Trading tools can be overwhelming for beginners

TryTrade offers several trading platforms with similar tools and functions. However, the platforms’ sophisticated designs and features can be complex for new traders and passive investors.

Ease of use and trading experience of TryTrade

TryTrade supports desktop, web and mobile versions. The onboarding process and navigation is relatively easy and quick on all trading platforms. The broker has constantly updated its trading platforms with unique tools and features to improve the overall user experience. Nonetheless, the broker has streamlined most of the tools and features for advanced traders.

TryTrade’s trading programs are powered by proprietary smart order routing technology that allows you to execute trades quickly at the best prices available in the market. However, you can also route orders directly to specific exchanges.

Along with the fundamental trading tools and conveniences, TryTrade’s platforms also provide several technical resources, including chart customization, watchlists, real-time data feeds, backtesting, and drawing tools. Traders can also access advanced and highly customizable analysis tools, calculators and evaluators.

Investment products

TryTrade focuses on allowing traders and investors more flexible online investment opportunities. This allowed the broker to maintain a solid portfolio, regularly adjusted according to client demand. Here is an overview of TryTrade’s product offerings.

  • Actions (long and short)
  • Bonds (corporate, municipal, CD and treasury)
  • Mutual fund
  • Crypto
  • Forex
  • Choice
  • Goods
  • Futures contracts

TryTrade offers several unique and innovative products in the above asset classes.

Supported Markets

TryTrade has an extensive network of national and global market centers accessible to all of its clients. It allows you to trade multiple assets on over 100 market centers in over 20 countries around the world.


Trading on TryTrade comes with various fees and administrative charges. However, clients are not subject to account minimums and stock trades do not incur any commission. Visit the TryTrade website to view their full fee schedule and pricing policy.

Our opinion

TryTrade shines with its superior trading resources, robust product offerings, broader market access, and excellent customer support. Overall, TryTrade is best suited for active traders and experienced investors, but novices can also take advantage of its rich educational resources and reliable customer support to gain a foothold in online investing.

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