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Whenever someone discusses a gambling topic, we usually immediately think of the United States and Las Vegas. However, the majority of gambling activity is actually done online these days and it is a very popular pastime in Canada, Australia and around the world. Another country where this hobby is very popular is Czechia, and there are some interesting facts about online gambling here.

The Czech Republic also has a strong community that loves online games. They have one general public eSport, a lot of people who like to bet and, among other things, to gamble online. So let’s go over some of the interesting facts related to online casinos and the Czech Republic.

History of gambling in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic went indecent in 1993, yet its gambling laws were in place even before that happened. In 1990, the only activities approved and regulated by the government were lotteries. That changed in 2012 when the country decided to modernize its outdated laws.

Their new gambling law at the time actually allowed online casinos to operate and accept their citizens as players. The condition here was that the operators had to have a land institution in the territory of the Czech Republic. In 2017, Czech Republic-based online sites were legalized and they did not need to have a land-based establishment. However, you will find that this law is actually not too lenient for operators, especially when it comes to their expenses.

Legal status of online gambling

As mentioned, it is legal to maintain an online casino here and to play online. That’s not all, because users are allowed to play in institutions owned by foreign operators. Even sites that operate illegally are not prohibited here, but players access them at their own risk. Fortunately, they can find secure online casinos Czech Republic sites or available in Czechia by visiting other platforms that review these operators. That way, they can make sure they get different bonuses and promo codes, as well as having access to more diverse game libraries.

Bonuses and promotions

You might be wondering why Czech players would even set up an account with a foreign operator, as it is in their best interests to support the local economy. Well, one of the main attractions of online gambling is the bonuses and promotions, and this is where things get tricky. The law states here that any licensed operator in Europe cannot offer bonuses or incentives to users to attract new players. So while some countries ban illegal offshore operators, and nobody sees it as a big deal, for players from the Czech Republic it would actually be a big deal. They would lose access to some of the best promotions and money back offers.


One of the reasons this country wants online casino operators to come here is because of the revenue. Casino gaming revenue from 2010 to 2017 increased by over 100 million euros, and it has made huge leaps since. In 2017, online gambling revenue was around $ 370 million and continued to grow by around 16% on an annual basis. In 2019, revenue from land and online gambling was € 1.36 billion. It’s a huge deal that brings us to our next fun fact.

Taxation of online gaming operators

Operators here pay massive taxes on their income, 35% to be precise. In other words, more than a third of the profits generated go to the government, which makes this industry an integral part of their economy. Unfortunately, many operators simply could not afford this tax and had to leave. Fortunately, all of the reputable and well-established online gambling halls are still around and players can enjoy their content.

Numbers of players

In the Czech Republic, you have to be over 18 to be allowed to play, but the 2019 report found that there are underage players in the Czech Republic. That’s pretty much the case in every country where gambling is legal, and that’s why it’s such a controversial topic. Still, nearly 44% of people over the age of 15 played in the year 2019. This number is likely much higher for the years 2020 and 2021, as the pandemic has resulted in a huge increase in traffic on these. Site (s.


These are some of the interesting facts about online casinos and gambling in general in the country of Czechia. Hope you learned something new and useful. If you’ve ever wondered why welcome offers and bonuses are lacking at some online casinos, it’s probably because they have to comply with gambling law. Always remember to gamble responsibly and only keep accounts with safe operators. Avoid reckless spending and play for fun first and foremost.

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