Tool for journalists: Omni Calculator, to check your calculations

Credit: Tetiana Bykovets on Unsplash

What is that: A website with hundreds of calculators that allow journalists to convert just about any data to another unit.

Cost: Free

How is it useful for journalists?

Most journalists do not feel comfortable with mathematics. But good data reinforces a story and often helps the reader understand complex topics. This is not to say that the correct use of numbers is essential for reliable reporting.

To help you, Omni Calculator, a Polish startup, has created hundreds of custom calculators that solve real problems.

You’ll find just about anything here: lawn mowing cost calculator, carbon footprint of flying calculator, steps to calories calculator, snowman calculator or our favorite weird unit converter that lets you convert , for example, a distance in number of chocolate bars or Harry. Potter’s books.

In addition to handy calculators, you can also download a free Making it Count guide that will help you master the basics of data journalism and learn how to check your calculations.

The guide has serious support. “We interviewed journalists from different fields to hone in on the most common digital struggles and collaborated with contributing journalists at Reuters, CNN, Rappler and Asset Magazine, as well as scientists from the UK, Poland, Italy and South Africa,” project manager Reina Sagnip said

“It covers statistical reporting, common calculations, fact-checking, and data visualization.”

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