The online potato calculator offers potato specialists tailor-made sustainable varieties

HZPC customers are experts in their own environment. They know what circumstances they are facing and what are the characteristics of the potato. HZPC has developed an online tool with which customers can easily convert their knowledge and experience into tailor-made solutions – a digital calculator that finds the variety of potato that gives the highest yield: the new Even Greener tool.

In addition, this tool gives them immediate access to the most sustainable potato varieties from Even Greener; a new selection with extra sustainable varieties with less impact on the environment.

Climate change brings new challenges. This also applies to potatoes. Although the potato is already considerably greener (read: more sustainable) than, for example, rice (six times more sustainable, based on the difference in water consumption), we are already looking to the future. Sustainability is becoming the new normal. That’s why HZPC goes even further with the new Even Greener tool.

Five important traits

People who choose the sustainable potato varieties from the Even Greener Selection rely on quality. For now and for the long haul. Together with their customers, the specialists formulated five important requirements that the potatoes of the future must meet: limited water consumption, less fertilizer required, high protection against disease, a long storage period and a high efficiency.


Potato growers know better than anyone which of the above five traits are important to them. Depending on the soil in which they grow, the working situation and the regional climate, they have a preference for specific characteristics. With HZPC’s online calculator, it is now possible to quickly choose a variety that best suits your situation. Tailor-made, based on a balanced set of five traits.

The future begins in the ground

The variety that best suits the specific situation of the customer is also the variety that offers the highest yield. In terms of stable return for the buyer, but also in terms of sustainability for the world. That’s the power of Even Greener. A selection of potato varieties that make the world more sustainable. Because the future begins in the ground.

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