The 6 best calculator apps for Windows

When calculations get hard to solve in your head, a full calculator in Windows can save your life. Nowadays, you can find hundreds of apps that can completely replace your pocket calculator.

Some apps may be limited to basic functions, but the more advanced ones with functionality to match your scientific calculator will undoubtedly impress you. But choosing between too many options can be overwhelming.

We’ve listed the six best calculator apps you can use in Windows to narrow down your choices.

1. Calculator application built into Windows

Windows built-in calculator application interface

Before you start looking at third-party calculator apps, you need to take a look at the default Windows calculator app built into the operating system.

The default Windows calculator has four different modes: Standard, Scientific, Graphical, and Programmer. Here’s what each mode has to offer:

  1. Standard: This is the default mode of the Windows calculator app which performs basic math calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, power, division, etc.
  2. Scientist: In this mode, you can take the exponential of a number, take its modulus, and while doing these calculations, directly use terms like pie (π) and Euler’s number (e). In addition, you can perform trigonometric and algebraic calculations in this mode, including all the basic calculations offered in Standard mode.
  3. Graphic Representation : Use this mode to plot graphs of functions. In this mode, you can enter a mathematical function and it will plot a graph for you. Its graphical capabilities for plotting complex functions will really amaze you if you haven’t tried it yet.
  4. Programmer mode: It allows you to convert values ​​to various number systems including hexadecimal, octal, binary, and decimal. In addition, you can perform basic bit-level operations such as AND, OR, Not, etc.

In addition to these basic modes, you can also perform date calculations and unit conversions for as many quantities as you can imagine, such as currency, volume, temperature, energy, etc.

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Can’t the built-in calculator do the job for you by any chance? There are many other options you can try. Here are a few of them.

2. Calc Pro HD

CAL PRO HD Calculator Interface

You should choose Calc Pro HD as your second choice if you want to take advantage of all the basic functionality of Windows calculators with additional benefits that are not available in the built-in app.

Here are some highlights of what Calc Pro HD can do in addition to scientific and standard calculations:

  1. Converts between eight different number bases.

  2. Draw graphs for eight equations.

  3. Over 3000 unit conversions in 19 categories.

  4. Converts over 150 world currencies.

  5. Pre-powered 1500 constants to use.

  6. Financial calculations with more than ten worksheets.

  7. Statistical calculations with eight types of regression analysis.

In addition to offering more flexibility in calculations, this calculator integrates with Cortana. That is, you can tell Cortana to do the math for you without any problem. It would be the perfect alternative to the built-in Windows calculator and the perfect replacement for a pocket calculator.

You can only perform standard and scientific calculations in the free version of Calc Pro HD. To access all other features, you will need to subscribe to its premium plan.

To download: Calc Pro HD (Free, in-app purchases available)

3. Naturplay

Naturplay calculator interface

Naturplay, another free calculator for Windows, provides quick real-time calculations of formulas as you type. When calculating long-form mathematical expressions, this can be useful.

The display gives the impression that you are writing the calculations by hand, and this will greatly reduce the calculation time since you won’t have to press equal every time you want the results. Additionally, you can zoom in the calculation panel and save the calculation as an image to print or use later.

RELATED: How To Make A Calculator In TkinterWith Cortana integration, you can say, “Cortana, I want to calculate. The app will open after your order and you can tell Cortana to do some calculations. As such, if you want a powerful assistant with your homework, be sure to give Naturplay a try.

To download: Naturplay (Free in-app purchases available)

4. Super calculator 8

Super Calculator interface

When it comes to interactive displays, Super Calculator is the best. It’s the best choice for solving long expressions, and it lets you edit the expression anywhere, removing the hassle of re-entering the entire expression – reducing uptime.

While it doesn’t have as many features as the other calculators on the list, the interface is easy to use. Like Naturplay, the Super Calculator is free to download from the Microsoft Store on Windows, and you can save and print your calculations.

To download: Super Calculator 8 (Free)

5. Sticky calculator

Sticky calculator interface

Sticky Calculator combines a calculator and a memo tool into one. Unlike other apps, there is no numeric keypad for entering numbers. Instead, you can type your expression through the keyboard and the calculator will automatically solve it and display the result.

This app offers the ability to write notes while performing calculations, which puts it above all other apps in the list. Sending rough calculations filled with instructions to your friend will be an easy task with the Sticky Calculator. Finally, the application can be downloaded for free.

The downside of using this app is that you have to enter the formula term correctly. Taking the square root of a number requires adding sqrt (Number). It will not work if you enter the same expression as square root (number). The same goes for the other formulas.

To download: Sticky Calculator (Free in-app purchases available)

6. Calculator +

Calculator + Interface

Unlike other apps, Calculator + comes with more advanced features like differentiation, integration, and simplification. It is free to use and comes in two themes, light and dark. Besides storing your calculation history so that you can refer to it later, it also allows you to add new custom functions that you might use frequently.

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Plus, you can plot graphs, work with complex numbers, solve matrices, and perform calculations in bin, oct, and hex modes. Additionally, the app has a good collection of variables, array variables, and list variables, and you can use pre-populated math constants for calculations.

With its mathematical, trigonometric, hyperbolic and special functions, this calculator will prove to be an invaluable tool in solving mathematical problems.

To download: Calculator + (Free in-app purchases available)

Get a handy calculator app for your Windows

Hopefully one of the apps on this list will be a perfect fit for your needs. If nothing is right for you, you can explore the Microsoft Store, where you will find plenty of calculator apps. It is not necessary to purchase the premium versions; the free versions will also suffice.

If you don’t want to download the apps and start calculating right away, there are plenty of handy online calculators like Good Calculators, Desmos Graphing Calculators, Symbolab, WolframAlpha, etc.

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