Stewardship Calculator Enables Better ESG Tracking and Transparency for Food Companies

CALABASAS, CA and TUCSON, AZ – Stewardship Index for Specialty Crops (SISC) and CropTrak® announced the release of the Stewardship Calculator 2.0 to help growers measure a wide range of on-farm data for better crop management and to help brands more easily aggregate this data for sustainability and ESG reporting.

“Following a robust pilot program with leading brands and producers, we are now offering this online SISC Metrics Calculator to help standardize ways to create and maintain metrics across tier one supply chains. The updated tool enables consistent reporting of aggregated data – users of key ingredients said it would help improve transparency and the adoption of more sustainable practices,” said Alison Edwards, Director, SISC.

Powered by CropTrak’s cloud technology platform, the Stewardship Calculator 2.0 is used to track general regenerative farming practices, including resource and nutrient management; energy/GHG on the farm; as well as biodiversity, food waste and water use efficiency. Developed in collaboration with retailers and suppliers such as Walmart and Del Monte, the SISC calculator helps inform brands and their suppliers in their sustainability reports, as well as improve production plans and management practices. the supply chain.

“We were delighted to support the development of the new Stewardship Calculator for Fruits, Nuts and Vegetables. Ensuring that fresh food production meets consumer needs while protecting our planet is at the heart of Walmart’s overall systems approach to shared value,” said Freeman’s AnabelleSr. Manager Sustainability Strategic Initiatives Produce at walmart. “We are delighted that the new calculator is now available to support our Tier 1 suppliers and growers on their sustainability journey, and to track progress against our climate and regenerative agriculture commitments.”

In November 2021, SISC and CropTrak announced a partnership to create this new tool to help growers and their supply chain partners collaborate to improve natural resource management in the field. Available free to producers, leading retail brands now use the cost-effective calculator to create a unique reporting template tied to SISC’s industry-recognized KPIs. The digital tool allows users to easily upload data that is automatically translated into standardized metrics and reporting for quick and easy communication with other partners.

“Our consumers want to know even more about where their food comes from and the sustainable practices used on the journey from farm to table,” said Molly LavertyEnvironmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Manager at Del Monte Foods. “The new Stewardship Calculator’s enhanced visibility and metrics allow our growers and customers to share their data and insights, leading to greater transparency and sustainable impact metrics to nurture Earth’s goodness for generations to come.”

To support industry-wide sustainability, the Western Growers Association will subsidize the costs for all task force members to use this new SISC calculator for its initial two-year deployment.

Interested users can sign up for Stewardship Calculator 2.0 here.

About the Stewardship Index for Specialty Crops
Stewardship Index for Specialty Crops (SISC) is a multi-stakeholder initiative dedicated to developing tools for measuring sustainable performance in specialty crop supply chains (all fruits, nuts and vegetables). The project is an unprecedented collaboration between the country’s most influential grower organizations, non-governmental organizations and buyers of specialty crops. SISC offers a suite of outcome-oriented metrics that allow operators to assess, compare and report their own performance.

About CropTrak®

CropTrak’s food cloud technology helps multinational food and beverage companies, suppliers and producers increase the efficiency and transparency of their supply chain management processes and systems. CropTrak’s no-code platform breaks down silos within and between companies and their suppliers to enable users – from buyers to agronomy to finance – to easily make decisions, creating competitive advantages through timely, highly accurate and verifiable data related to management practices and compliance. More information is available at or on LinkedIn.

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