SíndicoNet launches a free calculator that helps condominiums save

THE inflation the highest in Brazil since 2015 is eroding Brazilians’ incomes and purchasing power and leading to a fine-toothed comb of expenses that can be eliminated or at least reduced. One of the main sources of expenses for Brazilians of different social classes is condominiums for those who live in buildings and groups of houses.

Keeping an eye on this immediate but still relevant need, the Liquidatorthe largest content, training and services platform for condominiums in Brazil, has just launched a free tool that aims to help managers and administrators identify how and how much it is possible to save on condominium expenses.

The new solution is called Savings Calculator and is part of the SíndicoNet market that connects managers to the various providers in the country, including the evaluation of the service. The purpose of the new tool is to contribute to the solution of budget overrun problems and cost optimization in condominiums in Brazil.

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The savings calculator maps the profile and characteristics of each condominium through answers to a form that any landlord, advisor or even condominium owner can fill out, such as the number of units, the value of the condominium share and whether there are individual water meters to measure water consumption.

Once completed, the calculator identifies possible sources of unnecessary expenses based on information from condominiums across the country, in addition to indicating savings alternatives for managers and administrators.

The tool makes comparisons with similar condominiums and indicates which expenses there is potential for savings and an estimate of how much (in reais) the condominium can save. The result is available in a free downloadable report in PDF format, with information broken down by the main account groups of an invoice:

  • Pay
  • consumption accounts
  • Maintenance
  • Administration.

“There are many savings opportunities that can directly help trustees, whether they are experienced or just starting out. The calculator maps these possibilities through the responses and provides guidance and benchmarks for values ​​that can be adopted in management,” he said. Julio Paim, CEO of SíndicoNet.

The savings calculator was developed by CoteiBem SíndicoNet, the name of the company’s marketplace, with the collaboration of partner specialists.

SíndicoNet was acquired by QuintoAndar in November 2020, but continues to operate independently from the largest rental, buy and sell and housing startup in Latin America.

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