Shooting Sports United States | Winchester launches improved ballistic calculator

Winchester’s award-winning Ballistics Calculator is back with new enhancements that make this tool more intuitive for hunters and sport shooters.

You can download the free app or use the Winchester Ballistic Calculator on the website.

Using the calculator, you can compare the ballistic data of your favorite Winchester ammunition (up to four rounds at a time). Visualize drop, drift, ball flight, velocity and energy with ballistic charts and graphs.

Choose from seven different categories, including Centerfire Rifle, Pistol Hunting, Target/Pistol Defense, Rimfire Pistol, Rimfire Rifle, and Shotgun. Additionally, you can customize and enter shooting conditions such as elevation, wind speed, and outside temperature.


Compare up to four different Winchester Ammunition products with easy-to-read ballistic charts and graphs.

Easy-to-read ballistic graphs illustrate bullet drop, bullet time of flight, line of sight drop, wind drift, velocity and energy. Additionally, you can change the range interval in five-meter increments and print the results on tape on your gun stock.

The new and improved Winchester Ballistic Calculator is available as a free app from the iOS and Android app stores. Go to

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