Shapla Tax will provide free tax calculator and filing features for Bangladeshi taxpayers

Bangladeshi start-up Shapla recently introduced a new platform, Shapla Tax, making it Shapla’s second product on the market, which will allow citizens to calculate and file their taxes online.

This new B2C platform aims to automate the tedious filing and tax filing process with ease and efficiency.

According to the National Board of Revenue (NBR), Bangladesh has a population of 169 million, of whom only 6.7 million are taxpayers, representing less than 1% of the population who file taxes.

In a recent announcement, the government made it mandatory for online businesses with revenues over Tk 2,00,000 to submit taxes and enforced rules on submitting zero tax returns for freelancers.

Shapla Tax is entering the market to automate and help taxpayers navigate the complex manual process of submitting taxes, reads a press release.

“Currently, Bangladeshi taxpayers pay around Tk 3,500-5,000 to file their taxes with tax accountants or lawyers in a highly manual process that often requires a lot of time and effort,” said Tasnim Mortoza, co- founder and CEO of Shapla.

“Shapla is offering to complete this process for Tk2000 on a case-by-case basis after reviewing it by tax lawyers, thereby simplifying the whole process for taxpayers. Shapla wants to help build Digital Bangladesh by helping to raise awareness about tax filing, which which makes it easy to calculate individual taxes and categorize them,” she added.

One of their users, Hussain M Elius, co-founder of Pathao, said, “I hate calculating taxes, luckily I didn’t have to do it this year, Shapla did it for me this year .

Another of their user Afnan Ibne Hashem, Deputy Manager, Online Payments, bKash Ltd said “My tax return is already done. All thanks to Shapla for whom I have been doing my taxes with ease for 4 years. “Why not they teach how to prepare taxes at school?” Well, Shapla made it simple and transparent. I loved the service.”

Tax calculations for individual taxpayers have always been manual and, in many cases, complex.

With this new feature introduced and already in use by a number of users through fiscal year 2021-2022, Shapla is committed to making life easier for taxpayers by using a free tax calculator and automating the entire process through an online portal.

Shapla was first launched in 2021 as a B2B solution providing leave management, asset management, payroll solution and other HR modules for over 50 companies.

They have helped many companies to stop money leaks and create transparency throughout their organizations, thereby facilitating company-employee relations.

One can check their website for more information:

Visit the link to watch the product demo:

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