RideKC Driving Calculator shows travel costs by car vs bus

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A new tool shows drivers how much money they can save by taking the bus.

RideKC launched a driving calculator on its website this Earth Day, which remained relevant as gasoline prices rose throughout the spring to record highs.

There is no fare to use RikedKC buses in Greater Kansas City, making it completely free.

The Driving Calculator, which draws on data from the American Automobile Association, shows drivers how much money they spend throughout the year by factoring in fuel costs, distance travelled, maintenance, insurance, depreciation and more.

“Sometimes when you only see the price of gas every week, you don’t add that insurance that comes every three months or that parking payment once a month,” said Bridget Moss, webmaster at RideKC.

Moss encourages anyone interested in switching to the bus to download the Transit app and suggests a test ride to work or an event to see how it goes.

“I like to think of places where you would have to pay for parking as a good start,” Moss said. “If you have to pay to park, it’s probably also harder to get to, you don’t want to drive around and look for free parking. Just hop on the bus near you and take the totally free bus to the event.

She heard arguments that the bus is less convenient, but rebuttals that it’s free, allows passengers to use their phones safely, free Wi-Fi is available, and passengers don’t have to worry about parking.

So far in 2022, Moss said about 300 people have used the calculator, which is available on the RideKC website.

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