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Financial influencer and money coach Francesca, who runs financial platform The Money Fox, explained a calculation she uses to determine how much she needs to save for retirement. The simple math can be used by anyone to figure out what they need to save for the future.

Francesa then detailed how she calculates what she plans to invest based on this amount.

“Basically I figured out how much I needed to have in an investment account that I can withdraw from each year and it continues to grow, so I will continue to grow my retirement pot.

“I know for myself that if I want to retire in 15 years, I have to invest in monthly commitments of £ 1,600,” said Francesca.

Asked about the potential risk of investing, she said, “You have to look at the market and what you’re investing in, that’s what I’m basing mine on.

Francesca recently made a mistake in her credit score report that could ruin your credit score.

Francesca told “I would say start with your credit report because everyone thinks everything is fine.

“But, there have been so many times that I have had people who have personally looked at it and there is a debt that is not even theirs because it was typed wrong or it got them. simply assigned in error. “

Interestingly, errors can occur which can mean that your credit report is incorrect.

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