Pension calculator for married couples

The sooner you establish a retirement plan, the better off you will feel. In a family of two working spouses, it seems easy enough to start saving. However, everything is not so simple to guarantee a secure retirement. Instead of using apps that lend you instant cash for life’s hardships, you can learn all about the retirement calculator and be prepared for a carefree future!

What is a retirement calculator?

The Retirement Calculator is a secure online tool that helps you build a solid financial plan. You can view your savings balance and plan withdrawals for each year until retirement is complete. Also, if your husband/wife is unemployed, this increases your social security benefits up to the maximum, but not beyond.

The biggest factor impacting your retirement costs is work. Sometimes, when you change jobs regularly, you may not have the income you want before retirement. Remember that when using the retirement calculator.

What should you include?

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First you need to consider the following fields:

  • Earned annual income (does not include other sources of money, such as interest, rent, dividends, etc.;
  • Expected salary increase (be realistic here!);
  • Your age;
  • Number of years before retirement;
  • The monthly income you would like to have in retirement (also be sure to include expenses paid semi-annually or annually, for example, property taxes, mortgage or regular insurance costs. Remember that the inflation will have a major impact on the amount of retirement income);
  • Current savings (include all sources of retirement savings such as 401(k)s, IRAs, and annuities);
  • Monthly pension contributions (the pension calculator assumes that you make contributions at the beginning of each month. We also advise you to choose a stable amount until you retire. The contributions should correspond to the total you are saving for your retirement each month );
  • Other sources of income for retirement (such as pensions, rental income, interest, etc.; the amount that will not be adjusted for inflation);

These are the required fields to start saving for your retirement. You need to think about all possible sources of income and take into account the inflation that will inevitably occur. The younger you are, the more financial challenges you should be able to accept.

What else is worth mentioning?

Other information you may want to include is Social Security benefits. You must tick this box if you wish to include them in a retirement plan. The good thing is that this type of compensation automatically increases each year when you include a spouse.

Unfortunately, Social Security benefits are higher when one spouse is working. The calculator only provides an estimate of your benefits, so if you’re a married couple and both work full-time, you may need to do the calculation twice – once for each spouse and their respective incomes.

The age at which you plan to receive Social Security benefits must be between 62 and 70; however, it cannot start before retirement. If requested before full retirement age, benefits will be significantly reduced. Let’s say that if your household retires in 10 years and you are now 54, the minimum Social Security age for you is 64.

What is the rate of return and how can you benefit from it?

The rate of return is an annual rate that you expect from savings. This must be an after-tax rate since the majority of retirement costs are not in a tax-deferred account. At financial institutions, most savings accounts pay up to 0.25% or less, but carry a significantly lower risk of losing the principal balance.

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Predicting your rate of return is impossible. The only way to make a reasonable projection is to look at historical average numbers.

What should you consider before projecting rates of return? Here is a full list:

Time range — in a short period of time, you can see much more volatility than in the long term; predict your rate of return, it is important to consider that a year of huge growth or losses can have an outsized impact on the average

Asset type — depending on the assets on which you project the rate of return, the projections will vary. For example, are you considering an individual stock, index fund, bond, commodity, or cash as your starting capital? By planning a budget, you can project a blended rate of return for all your investments or have the project return to different accounts.

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You must remember that rates of return are not stable and you cannot predict them with a 100% guarantee. They can vary significantly over the years, especially when considering long-term investments. The other bad consequence is the potential loss of capital on your investment.

Summary of the points above

The retirement calculator is an online tool, available free of charge, to plan your budget. When you’re in a married couple, you need to consider the incomes of both sides (including Social Security benefits) to understand how much savings you are currently at.

Online guides list the goals you should try to achieve; so-called “experts” say you need to replace at least 70% of your pre-retirement income. Therefore, your goal should be to have enough savings to live on $70,000 to $85,000 per year if you earn $100,000 per year. The average life after retirement in the United States is 20 years.

In the main points of the calculator, you can predict the withdrawals for each year. Note that having only one working spouse can double your chances of saving; and if you both work full-time, you must use the tool individually. People don’t always spend most of what they earn. Some people end up in credit card debt, while others spend far less than they earn.

To get the best prognosis on your retirement status, fill in basic information about an annual income, the number of years until retirement, and the desired amount you want to receive upon retirement. Consider the rate of return — the approximate amount you’d like to get back excluding all taxes.

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