Parents, have you heard of the scientific calculator brand ‘Geleza’?

As we ease through our mornings and recuperate from the traffic and back-to-school madness, we discover an innovative calculator brand that has all the ingredients for greatness – and it’s a local brand!

Working with children and igniting their passion for numbers was the start of this incredible journey for the creator of the Geleza brand, the affordable scientific calculator.

“Mathematician Mothupi Kgopa realized how difficult it was for them to afford scientific calculators. Kgoga, who started the Kgopa Foundation for Mathematics in 2017 to help home learners, decided to remedy this situation by launching its own brand of affordable scientific calculators – Geleza.” (MSN)

He had promised calculators to his students and discovered that for a single scientific calculator he had to pay around R320. This prompted him to do research, which led him to launch Geleza in 2021, under his education company, Geleza Tech.

Kgopa’s ten-year five-year plan includes manufacturing calculators for the African continent. The Geleza calculator sells for R150 and can be ordered online. You can order yours here.

We certainly admire his vision for the future and his desire to create more jobs. His vision supports the upliftment of our schools as well as our employment sector. Here’s more from Geleza in 2022…

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