Origin taps Accenture and Google for solar performance calculator

“This advanced technology will save customers time by providing them with a quick assessment of how solar power will meet their home’s energy needs,” said Duncan Permezel, general manager of retail sales for Origin.

“Previously, potential solar customers had to speak to a sales agent and schedule a site inspection to get that level of customization and detail in their quote, a process that can sometimes take weeks.”

According to Origin, the tool, which guides users through a series of quick questions, will show panel and/or battery installation costs and potential savings compared to current household bills in just ten minutes. The questions relate to the type of dwelling – a house or a dwelling – its number of floors, the materials and pitch of the roof, and when the household uses the most energy. It also asks for the current average quarterly consumption.

“This innovative solution was designed by Accenture data scientists with expertise in solar and industrial engineering, and showcases the potential of the cloud as a launchpad to power advanced analytics and visual artificial intelligence,” said Ben Tulloch, managing director of Accenture and the company’s Google Cloud Business. Group leader for A/NZ.

“Our goal is to help Origin grow through hyper-personalized solar offerings for more than two million homes.”

Speaking to iTnews, Tulloch noted that while customers typically select a “more or less standard” default package, Origin was keen to offer more personalized offerings. “The performance of any solution is governed by the specific location and position.” he said. “There are variations in the types of solutions that have an impact. For example, using high spec panels that cost more generate more power in low light conditions.

The tool is currently available to customers generally within around 100 kilometers of the Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra metropolitan areas, with a suggestion of expansion of Origin’s service areas coming soon. The company – which, as Australia’s largest installer, has installed more than 1.6 million panels over the past fifteen years – points out that customers can always chat with a solar expert or have their home visited if that is their choice.

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