Online repair calculator for vehicle refinishing

Photo credit: AkzoNobel

AkzoNobel (Amsterdam, Netherlands) has developed the first repair calculator for the automotive repair industry, enabling users to measure, manage and reduce carbon emissions.

Designed to help customers improve their carbon footprint when using the company’s premium finishing products, the CO2eRepairCalculator is part of a new initiative that aims to encourage body shops to become more sustainable.

The tool is AkzoNobel’s latest digital innovation; it identifies the carbon levels associated with the painting and drying process – including the energy consumed – and is directly linked to the vehicle refinishing products used. It also provides volatile organic compound (VOC) emission data, helping customers understand where improvements can be made.

When using the tool, emissions and energy consumed are calculated based on a controlled two-panel repair in a spray booth to Greenhouse Gas Protocol accounting standards. The results are presented in an online dashboard, which takes local energy prices into account.

According to the company, the launch means it will now be easier for body shops to take positive action in an effort to meet their sustainability and carbon reduction goals. This is becoming increasingly important as insurance companies put increased pressure on preferred bodyshop partners to reduce emissions in line with supply chain ambitions that meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The CO2eRepairCalculator is currently being introduced to the UK market for Sikkens customers (with Lesonal to follow shortly). AkzoNobel says it will be rolled out to European markets over the next few months.

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