Online COVID-19 Risk Calculator Can Help You Stay More Safe From COVID-19 During Holiday Season

Online survey assesses your personal habits to help you assess your risk of getting infected

A new online assessment tool is available to help Canadians better manage the personal risks of COVID-19 when they get together with family and friends over the holiday season.

The National Institute on Aging of Canada (NIA) has partnered with Ryerson University to create the free risk calculator that can help individuals and families quickly assess the risks of visiting with friends and members. of the family. The assessment takes approximately three minutes.

The new tool, created in part with funding from the Government of Canada, can survey users on things like their age, health, immunization status, personal hygiene habits and the number of people in their social circle.

Once the assessment is complete, users are given a rating on their potential risk of exposure to COVID-19 as well as public health advice on how to safely visit.

Although public health restrictions appear to be less stringent this year, Canadians – particularly residents of northeastern Ontario – face an increased risk of infection due to the higher transmissibility of COVID variants. 19, such as Delta.

“Many Canadians were unable to meet in person during the vacation last year,” said NIA Executive Director Michael Nicin.

“Many of us look forward to spending time with loved ones in the coming weeks., which uses the best available scientific evidence to assign an individual risk level to a gathering, can help Canadians meet with care and take the necessary precautions to help keep loved ones healthy.

The NIA said about 78 percent of the Canadian population has received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine – and with vaccinations for children aged five and older – progress is being made to stem the spread of the virus. virus.

In addition to vaccination, however, vigilance and careful consideration remain essential when visiting, meeting or meeting with others, the NIA said.

“To date, more than 240,000 individuals and families have used to better understand the risks they face in different types of meetings and it can continue to guide Canadians through the holiday season. Said Dr Samir Sinha, director of health policy research at the NIA.

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