Nubank launched a ‘debt calculator’ to help with financing


the nubank On Friday the 17th, she launched a tool to help consumers with debt and they want to start organizing their finances. the debt calculator Available completely free of charge for account holders and non-account holders in digital banking.

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The web application works on a desktop browser as well as mobile devices. To use the service, all you need to do is answer as precisely as possible the questions that will appear on the screen.

The questions aim to better understand the user’s actual financial situation. They cover topics like monthly income, amount of debt accumulated, and short term goals. After collecting the answers, the calculator displays possible solutions and suggestions.

Step by step use

The Nubank Debt Calculator can be found below from this page. Just click “Start Here” and answer all questions honestly.

Set aside up to 15% of your average monthly income to pay off your debts and not create other expenses among the tips offered by the tool. Additionally, for those with debts from their own digital bank, a shortcut is released to check the details of the problem.

Another feature of the calculator is integration with Google Calendar so consumers can schedule a monthly appointment to pay all of their bills. With this new feature, it’s even easier to start 2022 with structured finance.


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