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Social Security Intelligence, a company dedicated to simplifying Social Security, is launching a new tool to help determine the optimal time to claim benefits

TEXARKANA, TEXAS, USA, June 1, 2022 / — Social Security Intelligence today announced the release of an online break-even analysis tool to help retirees determine when to apply for social security benefits. This tool will help answer the question; Over an individual’s lifetime, what filing age will yield the highest total Social Security payments?

“Having read the thousands of comments from over 30 million views of my videos, I know that the decision of when to apply for Social Security benefits causes more financial anxiety than any other retirement decision. We have released this profitability tool to help retirees better understand one of many data points needed to help them make a more informed choice,” said Devin Carroll, founder of Social Security Intelligence. “When making the decision to file for Social Security benefits, there is a lot to consider and a break-even analysis is only one step in the process. It should never be the only factor considered. However, our consumers of content want a solution that can easily calculate a break-even analysis We want to make sure that the audience has the best possible tool to give them their own analysis of u the break-even point depending on the age of deposit and the inflation assumptions he has chosen.

This new calculator will allow users to choose two comparative deposit ages; an early deposit age and a later deposit age. The results of the calculation will show at what age the accrued benefits will be the same or balance out. The premise of a calculator like this is based on how Social Security benefits are calculated, where the sooner an individual applies for benefits, the lower their benefits will be. Waiting longer may result in a higher benefit amount… but by filing at a younger age, people will receive more benefit checks in total.

This calculator will also offer users an option not found with most other break-even calculators currently available: the ability to enter an estimated annual cost of living range between 0% and 10%.

“A big problem we’ve identified with some of the other calculators is the lack of inflation calculations. Not accounting for benefit increases due to cost of living adjustments (or COLAs) skews the final numbers. For good understand the impact of inflation, you need to understand how the annual COLA changes your benefit amount When you receive your benefit estimate, it shows what the estimated benefit will be at certain ages without taking into account the impact cost-of-living adjustments, for example, if you are 62 years old and your Social Security benefit estimate indicates that you are entitled to a $2,000 benefit at full retirement age, this future benefit is expressed in today’s dollars. If you file today, you will receive a reduced benefit based on that $2,000. If you waited until age 63 to file your return, that would be the $2,000 $ plus the inflation adjustments for that year minus early deposit discounts. The same is true up to the age of 70. As an example of the impact of COLA, consider an individual’s $2,000 benefit at full retirement age of 67. When comparing the equilibrium age of 62 to 70, a cost of 2% of the standard of living adjustment decreases the break-even point by 19 months.

So does this change the outcome of a large number? No. But is it correct without inflation? No way. In fact, the outcome of not using inflation could be the tipping point for a bad decision,” Carroll said.

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