New ROI calculator from Interact Software highlights the value of employee experience software and the financial impact of an intranet

Innovative ROI calculator designed to give business owners a competitive edge by showing the benefits of intranet software.

Interact Software introduced its new corporate intranet ROI calculator. The free online calculator allows organizations to estimate the potential value of intranet software based on simple company information.

For decades, employee engagement and satisfaction have been topics of debate, with communicators, HR specialists and business leaders trying to improve metrics in their organizations.

However, the pandemic has initiated a major shift toward the employee experience, with workers demanding exceptional experiences across all touchpoints. In their rush to provide this, many companies are turning to employee experience systems, including intranets. However, for HR, internal communications and IT professionals looking to implement new intranets, obtaining financial approval can be a challenge.

Interact CMO, Scott Hitchins, said:

“Developing a business case for new intranet software can differ from other enterprise suite products in that it can be difficult to prove its ultimate financial value to CFOs and other senior executives. Those who control the corporate purse strings want to know exactly how this new technology will deliver a tangible return on investment (ROI) for the financial outlay they accept.

“An intranet is not a customer-facing business tool that generates instant revenue,” Hitchins added, “so it can be difficult for those building a business case to point to an actual ROI figure as the amount that will be returned due to the investment.”

With Interact’s intranet ROI calculator, companies can calculate the potential ROI of the employee experience and use it to build a solid business case.

Based on the potential gains in employee productivity, easier onboarding, and staff retention provided by an intranet, intranet communicators and managers can assess the likely economic impact.

According to Interact Software, integration is one of the areas that companies can optimize with digital work tools. On average, new hires are less productive in their first three months, usually due to delayed onboarding and adjustment. However, employers can speed up this process by using their intranets to prepare and onboard new hires. This eases the burden on existing employees and improves the skills of new hires faster.

Having internal systems in place that promote and enhance the employee experience can help companies improve retention, overall presenteeism, and employee satisfaction.

For more than 15 years, Interact Software has helped global brands increase employee engagement and improve the employee experience. Using enterprise-grade intranet software and decades of expertise, Interact provides Fortune 500, FTSE 250 and globally recognized brands such as Levi’s, Domino’s, Teva Pharmaceuticals and Sony PlayStation with a powerful way to inform and connect their greatest asset: their employees.

Interact has offices in New York, Boston, Tulsa and Manchester and operates throughout the United States and Canada, EMEA and Australia.

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