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The City of Mississauga, in partnership with Neutral project, a MakeWay project, launch a online carbon footprint calculator for residents of Mississauga. A carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions that people emit from their daily activities. By calculating their carbon footprint, residents can better understand where their carbon emissions are coming from and what impact they have on the environment. The calculator supports the City’s action plan on climate change by engaging residents in climate change action. The City’s goal is to reduce Mississauga’s greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent by 2050, with the ambitious long-term goal of becoming a net zero community.

As we move forward with our climate change action plan, it is essential that we take all necessary steps to change our lifestyles to be more sustainable and reduce our negative impact on the environment. Said Mayor Bonnie Crombie. “Consider choosing your bike over taking the car, shopping locally, traveling smart and making your home more energy efficient – even a small amount of action helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Mississauga. I challenge all Mississauga residents to calculate their carbon footprint and commit to action!

The Project Neutral carbon footprint calculator assesses your household energy consumption, transportation habits, eating habits and waste production. It will also provide a detailed breakdown of household climate impact, as well as a comparison with other households in Ontario. After assessing the environmental impact, the calculator offers suggested actions for residents to adopt a low-carbon lifestyle. The city of Mississauga performs a similar calculation each year and reports its carbon footprint, known as the greenhouse gas inventory, to the Carbon Disclosure Project.

“Taking city-wide action on climate change means we need everyone to participate, from government to businesses and individuals. By working together and taking collective action, we can make a significant impact, ”said Dianne Zimmerman, Manager, Environment. “Understanding where your carbon footprint comes from and how many greenhouse gas emissions are created by daily activities is crucial in taking action on climate change. This tool is the first step for all Mississauga residents to learn how they can make a positive difference and fight climate change.

There are many ways to advocate for climate action and reduce your carbon footprint at home:

Travel choice

  • Walk, cycle and take public transport
  • Carpool where you can
  • Work from home or be closer to work to reduce your trips or get rid of them altogether
  • Stop idling your vehicle

Make your home more energy efficient

  • Replace your home appliances and electronics with Energy Star alternatives
  • Add extra insulation to your home and stop leaks
  • Install renewable energy systems on the roof
  • Upgrade your furnace to heat pumps

Choice of food

  • Eat local food
  • Grow your own food
  • Avoid food waste
  • Consider a more plant-based diet

Reduce waste and upcycle

  • Buy less stuff
  • Choose durable products that will last
  • Repair, reuse and donate items

Try it Project Neutral Carbon Footprint Calculator and learn more about the City’s Climate Change Action Plan.

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