Ministry of Health launches COVID-19 calculator

Keep track of quarantine, isolation and vaccination dates

MECOSTA COUNTY – District 10 Health Department recently launched a new online COVID-19 calculator to help individuals calculate their quarantine, isolation and / or vaccination dates.

The COVID-19 calculator makes it easy to enter specific dates – such as the earliest symptom date, COVID-19 test date, close contact date, or final vaccination date – and it will calculate the final quarantine date, d ‘isolation or when you are considered to be fully vaccinated.

“It can be confusing sometimes how long you need to stay in isolation or quarantine, and this new COVID-19 calculator will help you guess by giving you a specific time frame to resume your normal activities,” said Dr. Jennifer. Morse, DHD Medical Director # 10. “It is important to note that the date provided is the last day of quarantine or isolation, not the date you are free to resume your activities. Regarding isolation and quarantine, you can return to normal the day after the scheduled date. “

Another feature of the COVID-19 calculator is to determine when you can get your COVID-19 vaccine after receiving treatment with monoclonal antibody or convalescent plasma. People who have received this treatment must wait 90 days before receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. Indicate the date you received the treatment and the COVID-19 calculator will tell you when it is safe to get vaccinated.

Find the COVID-19 calculator at To schedule a COVID-19 vaccine, go to or call 888-217-3904. For COVID-19 questions, call 231-305-8675 or email [email protected]

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