“Maybe I shouldn’t breathe either”: Andrew Castle blows up the food emissions calculator

28 October 2021, 16:08 | Updated: October 28, 2021, 4:09 PM

Andrew Castle used a live food shows calculator to see the impact of his beloved lawyers and he didn’t like what he told him.

It comes as the UK’s chief science adviser Sir Patrick Vallance has warned that tackling the climate crisis will require changes such as eating less meat and flying less.

Andrew said: “I have a food calculator in front of me… I don’t really like being told what to do with a lot of things, as anyone who knows me will testify.

“I think that’s why there is often resistance rather than discussion.”

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Andrew said he wanted to check out the impact of the lawyers he likes “because [he’s] middle class”.

After entering that he ate avocado three to five times a week, the calculator then told him that over a year, his consumption of avocados “contributed 41 kg” to his annual greenhouse gas emissions. .

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Reading the result, Andrew said: “This is the equivalent of driving a regular gasoline car 105 miles, which is the equivalent of heating an average British house for six days.

“9384 liters of water. 144 showers, lasting 8 minutes, that’s the price my consumption of avocados costs the world.

“If I thought like this all the time, I would never eat anything, I would never go out, I would think ‘maybe I shouldn’t breathe either’ … but it’s a fun food calculator.”

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