Man warns people to search for partners using dodgy ‘calculator app’

The man explained what to look for and what it means if you find that specific calculator app lurking on your partner’s phone – and that’s probably not good news

If you see a second calculator app, it’s time to beware…

If you were having a cozy night with your partner and suddenly the Tinder notification sound goes off, you’d probably have something to say, right?

But if your partner had a discreet app on their phone, you probably wouldn’t have a clue.

It’s the unusual tactic some people are now using to store secret stuff in their phones, and it comes in the form of a “calculator app“.

Yes, some people use a calculator app to trick their partners… their math teachers wouldn’t approve.

It’s certainly easier for cowards to cover their tracks this way, as opposed to a dating app, which is much harder to hide.

The underhanded tactic was revealed by TikToker @nuggetonairwho explained that if you search for the calculator app on your partner’s phone and two show up, they just might be doing the dirty.

He warned: “If you’re dating a guy and you go into his phone and type the word calculator and he has two calculator apps, he’s cheating on you.”

@nuggetonair warns women that if their partner has a secret calculator app they can cheat

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According to the TikToker, the extra calculator is often “a secret nude photo album.”

This app is also available on Apple and Android devices, so no one is safe from sneaky behavior.

And, if we’re being completely honest, we doubt anyone would go to the effort of downloading an entire app to disguise a marriage proposal or a birthday present… but we live in hope that someone will have a nice surprise.

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The misleading purpose of this app is even reflected in its name on the Apple Store, where it is labeled as a Calculator # Hide Photos Videos.

The app’s description reads: “It looks like a calculator, but it secretly hides your confidential photos, videos, documents, passwords, notes, contacts and tasks.

“It disguises itself as a calculator to prevent prying eyes and hackers from finding out.”

The app is disguised as a calculator

The app works by removing offensive photos and media from elsewhere on the device so they are well and truly hidden inside.

And, if that wasn’t awful enough, if you find the app and your partner is using an Android, the Google Play app has an even worse additional feature.

Calculator – Photo Vault Comes with an “Intruder Selfie” taker, so if you enter the wrong password, the phone owner will know.

Luckily, people are raising awareness about this tactic on all social media, not just TikTok.

One Twitter user joked, “When your girlfriend hovers over your secret ‘calculator’ nude app and you can keep cheating on her.”

“If he has a photo locker app with calculator he is cheating on you,” another warned.

Reacting to the original TikTok, one social media user summed up most of our sentiments, writing, “This is why we don’t date men anymore.”

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