IRS is a new facial recognition interface for online tax transactions, coming soon to verify identity

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has introduced a new facial recognition interface for its online tax transactions that people must use to verify their identity. The service would guarantee that all transactions made will be carried out by the person using it, requiring its users to use the interface before making any payment through its online platform.

IRS ID.Me: facial recognition interface to pay taxes online

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The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) building in Washington, DC on January 19, 2022.

The IRS announced the online tax audit system on its platform last November, but it has not gone into effect so far. The new design brings a verification system that will require people to log into, a service from a Virginia-based company that has developed an online facial recognition interface for digital transactions.

After creating an account with the IRS, users must verify their identity by submitting specific documents such as a copy of their government ID card, utility bills and other documents, along with a Selfie verification. After completing the procedure, the public can freely log into the service and pay their taxes online without going through a satellite office.

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IRS facial recognition: requirement for online tax payments

According to Krebs on Security, this new IRS requirement is a process people should go through at least once before they can pay their taxes online. The original login credentials would only work if verified by the facial recognition interface, now mandatory for online transactions.

The IRS and recognition software will work together to provide a system that would help create a secure online environment for paying taxes.

IRS and its online tax platform

The IRS, along with many government transactions, have made their services available online, providing an experience users will enjoy from the comfort of their homes. One of the well-known online services is the Stimulus online calculator which will help determine the amount of monetary assistance someone will receive in this COVID situation.

In recent times, the IRS has been active in seizing cryptocurrency assets from illegal transactions, resulting in a massive total of $3.5 billion comprised of bitcoins and other digital currencies. The extensive efforts of the federal agency are helping to keep crypto transactions safe for people to experience, especially during this strong presence of digitization.

As much as the IRS looks into tax evasion by people who don’t pay their taxes properly, the agency also provides online services to help those who do it right. The new online service would help prevent fraudulent acts by the public, especially those trying to evade the law.

The new verification will help keep its platform more secure and efficient for those who pay their taxes online.

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