Irish woman warned after Facebook account hacked via app

An Irish woman has issued a warning to all Android users after the Facebook app on her phone was hacked.

The woman, who lives in Banbridge, Co Down, said she was tricked into re-entering her login details which allowed hackers to take control of her account.

Since the incident happened last week, the woman said she has been in constant contact with Facebook to try to resolve the issue.

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She told Belfast Live: “It all started last Tuesday, May 31, when I was using the Facebook app on my phone. Not only do I have a personal Facebook page, but I also have one for my business. , which is related.

“A notification appeared that was a report. In the app, notifications usually have a blue and white background, but this one was yellow and indicated that a report had been made on my business page.

“I closed my business last December so I’m no longer independent. It’s clearly stated on the page that I only continued to stay in touch with my clients,” she explained.

“I assumed that someone had made a false report on my page, which has happened in the past, so I clicked on the notification and it told me that my page had been reported for a improper use.

“I guessed someone was trying to throw a spanner in the works because they weren’t happy the business had closed. I clicked that I disagreed with the decision of this report, then I was asked to confirm my Facebook login information.

“It was all still in the app so I wasn’t redirected from the app to a browser or anything. I entered my login details again and that’s obviously how they were captured. This brought me back into the app, leading me to believe that the Facebook app and my account were hacked.”

Minutes later, pro-terror images began to appear on her account page and she was contacted by relatives fearing she had been hacked.

Facebook temporarily locked her out of her account while hackers also attempted to make fraudulent payments.

“I was contacted by Facebook to say the content was inappropriate even though I didn’t upload it. They have deactivated my page so I can’t access it at the moment,” a- she explained.

“On Saturday, hackers were able to use my linked PayPal account to attempt to make fraudulent payments. I was woken up by numerous missed calls from my bank, Santander, as they said the fraud was authorized as PayPal is still linked to my business account.

“There were three attempts Saturday morning by the hackers to take £113.27 from my account and the payment was passed directly to Facebook owner Meta.”

She added: “My Facebook got hacked while I was using the app on my phone. I never clicked on suspicious emails or anything.

“There was a false report in my Facebook notifications on the app. I opened the notification and then inappropriate content was posted on my page. I did not post any of this content.”

It is unknown who is behind the attack on the account, but some people can take certain steps to protect their social networks from hackers.

  • First and foremost, make sure your passwords aren’t easy to guess and don’t contain any personal information.

  • Also, be sure to set up two-factor authentication so you’ll be alerted to any suspicious login attempts on your account.

  • Another tip is to not use your Facebook login on a device you don’t normally use.

  • In terms of protecting your devices, make sure you never click on suspicious links or answer phone calls from numbers you don’t know.

  • Never give out your personal information to anyone you don’t know either, as this could lead to your identity being stolen.

Facebook owner Meta Platforms has been contacted for comment.

A spokesperson said the team reached out to the woman directly to help restore her account, adding that they “recommend that she (and all of your readers) implement two-factor authentication, a feature security that helps protect your account”. [Instagram/Facebook] account in addition to their password. You can read more about how to do it here.

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