iPad calculator (sort of) provided by Google rather than Apple

Why there’s no official iPad calculator app is one of the mysteries of the universe, ranking alongside “What is dark matter?” and “What is the biological mechanism of the placebo effect?” …

Sure, there are a number of third-party apps, but Google now offers its own solution in the form of a web app.

Our sister site 9to5Google spotted him.

Google has rebuilt Chrome OS’ built-in Calculator app, making it available for all devices, not just Chromebooks.

For years, Chromebook owners have been able to use Google’s free calculator app. It is built with web technology but is a native app, pre-installed with Chrome OS. The app starts with a simple layout for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, and can be expanded to reveal geometry and trigonometry tools.

macworld suggested it as a pseudo calculator app for the iPad.

All the other basic iPhone apps are present on iPad – Notes, Safari, Files, Mail, Messages, Stocks, even Clock – but if we want to add or multiply, we have to turn to a third-party app.

There are plenty of good ones in the App Store, but few have what we’re looking for: a simple interface that loads instantly and doesn’t have unnecessary features. You know, like the iPhone app that should have been ported to the iPad ten years ago. Luckily, Google has created a great calculator for ChromeOS that works with any browser. You can find it at https://calculator.apps.chrome and save it to your home screen by pressing the share button.

You must of course be online to visit the page, but once you load it into your browser, it works offline.

The site’s Michael Simon says it looks good. To me this is something of a stretch, but it looks harmless and the display is extremely readable – which is more than can be said for many calculator applications.

Some have suggested that Apple doesn’t offer a calculator app for the iPad because it’s hard to make one that looks good on a tablet’s big screen. But that sounds like a perfect use case for a Slide Over app, so maybe Apple could create one that always opens in that mode. Or maybe we’ll have to wait for iPadOS to finally support something closer to a true windowed environment…

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