Insurance Navy offers completely online non-standard auto insurance in Texas

HOUSTON, June 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A large portion of Insurance Navy’s customer base are non-standard auto insurance policyholders. Simply put, drivers find it difficult to find auto insurance at standard rates and from insurance providers because of the risk. It’s this approach that has helped Insurance Navy become one of the fastest growing insurance brokers in the world. Illinois due to its presence in Chicagoland.

Navy Assurance’s business in Houston also picks up with the recent announcement of their fourth location. At the same time, Insurance Navy is pleased to announce that it offers fully bonded non-standard auto insurance online for drivers of Texas which is a first in the industry.

“Usually, drivers who need non-standard car insurance have to go to an office or arrange an appointment with an agent,” says the CEO of Insurance Navy. Fadi Snieneh“Binding Insurance is a fancy way of saying that auto insurance coverage can be purchased entirely online through an insurance provider’s website. It’s more convenient, automated, and also secure.”

Non-standard auto insurance is known to be in the most expensive tier for premiums. This can often be due to a driving history with increases in traffic violations and at-fault accidents, multiple insurance claims in the past, a poor credit rating, or something as serious as a DUI. Another case of non-standard car insurance is if the insured does not own the car but drives it regularly and needs insurance for it. Young drivers who have just obtained their driving license are also considered to be atypical drivers in need of atypical insurance.

Meanwhile, auto insurance is going digital, especially in recent years. Insurance companies would automate their claims processes and monthly insurance premium payments to the point where their policyholders do not have to interact with them. Buy for auto insurance quote is done entirely online with free quote calculators from insurance companies. Insurance Navy has also followed suit with these advances.

“Our business is based on the principle that auto insurance should be easily accessible and affordable because it is often required by law, and complying with the law should not be costly. Offering fully bonded non-standard insurance car insurance in Texas this is only the beginning. We are looking to do the same in other states in which we operate,” Snieneh said.

SOURCE Marine Insurance

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