How To Use The Incentive Calculator | by Josh | Silos | March 2022

A step-by-step guide to calculating transaction costs on the Sylo network.

  1. the Total network participationwhich determines how much of the overall network your node represents – and therefore how much work it will do and how much revenue it will earn from it.
  2. the Weekly Network Revenuewhich is determined by the number of relays the network performs each week, as well as the incentives of the network.
  1. The APY (Annual Percentage Yield) of your node is displayed for you, the node operator, and for your node’s delegate stakers. APY is the return on investment that your Sylo node will provide to people who invest their Sylo in it.
  2. Your node’s weekly profit, after on-chain expenses (such as gas costs), for both the node operator and delegated responders.
  1. Sylo Network smart contract settings that affect contract gas costs. They default to sensible values ​​- we include them so advanced users can explore the different ways contracts could be set up on Ethereum to mitigate gas costs.
  2. External factors, such as exchange rates and Ethereum gas prices. These default to the current price, but can be changed manually to explore “what if” scenarios.

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