How to order your next new trip online

Today’s technology and today’s need for a forward-thinking society has driven different industries to evolve and adapt to meet the needs of today’s world.

A good example is the ease with which purchases can now be made through websites and mobile apps. From food and groceries to clothing, electronic gadgets and more, people can order almost anything online. It is no longer necessary to get up from the sofa to go shopping, because the things we need and want can be delivered right to our door with a few clicks.

Going online has helped people stay safe by reducing their exposure to the outdoors. It also saved people time since they no longer have to navigate traffic to the store and queue to check out their items. Indeed, online shopping has brought people into a wonderful world of ease and convenience.

Now, future car owners have the same ability to buy their new vehicle quickly, conveniently and securely that a car manufacturer allows its customers to do just that with a mobile app.

People now have the option to inquire about available models and funding terms because this mobile app covers it all.

Mobility company Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) launched the myTOYOTA app this year and makes it easy for future car owners to view and purchase the car they want in the app. It doesn’t stop there, in addition to helping new owners get the vehicle they want, existing owners can also use the app to get their cars serviced.

Upon logging into the app, customers are greeted with a neat and clear design that is user-friendly and easy to understand even for those who are not tech-savvy.

Those who dream of owning a Toyota or are considering purchasing another unit can head to the virtual showroom which offers a 360-degree view of all models in the Toyota vehicle lineup. The overview includes the model, price, specifications and variations of the car. To get a clear picture of the many features and details of a specific car, users can download the brochure which contains all the relevant information about the vehicle. It’s like having an auto agent without having to talk to him.

Once the user has decided which model to buy, they can start building their vehicle directly in the app. Add accessories, service packages and insurance to complete the personalization process.

For those who want to check if their budget is sufficient for the car of their dreams, a financial calculator is available in the showroom. There is also a handy “search for promotions” button, so they can see the latest discounts available on the car of their dreams. Those who need to apply for funding can also do so through the myTOYOTA app.

Once the aspiring car owner has finished ordering their new ride, they can check the status of the ordering process in the app.

The myTOYOTA app also continues to serve car owners as they return home with their new vehicle. The app securely stores car information such as car chassis number, registration certificate, warranty registration, vehicle sales invoice and vehicle delivery note, which are easily accessible whenever the car owner needs them. The information stored in the app will serve as a backup for the car owner in case he cannot find his hard copy of these certificates.

Current Toyota car owners can also use the app to receive service reminders and book an appointment directly at the Toyota Service Center. It also invites customers to renew their auto insurance and view their electronic policy with timely alerts and notifications sent straight to the app’s inbox.

The myTOYOTA app allows drivers to easily browse and order Toyota Genuine Accessories online. When it’s time to upgrade, the app can help the owner trade in their car for another.

From buying a car, to inquiring about products and services, calculating financing, making service appointments, sourcing accessories, trade-ins, and more, owning and maintaining a car is now a thing of the past. as easy as buying essentials online.

To try out a high Toyota owner experience and maximize the convenience and benefits of their commute, car owners only need to download the myTOYOTA app at google play for Android users or App Store for iOS users and register to create an account.

For regular updates on products and services, dealer operations, announcements and events, visit Toyota Motor Philippines website, and follow his Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. You can also connect through its Viber.

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