How to fix the “Calculator does not start” problem on a Windows PC


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Check how to fix “Calculator does not start” problem on Windows PC

Windows 10 includes a built-in calculator, as well as several other basic programs, just like previous versions of Windows. Besides ordinary calculations, this calculator is very useful and capable of performing a variety of work (such as scientific and programming calculations, as well as many unit conversions). Unfortunately, many users face Windows 10 calculator issues like Windows 10 calculator not working. And you will be surprised to learn that the Windows 10 calculator problem is one of the most common difficulties reported by customers, with Microsoft helping them.

We’ve all used the Windows Calculator, which is a pretty straightforward tool that lets you do a variety of quick calculations. As a result, it is quite annoying that the calculator program won’t start or crashes for some users. You need to browse our Windows 10 category to learn more about various Windows related topics.

There can be several reasons why the calculator in Windows 10 is not working. Your calculator may not work if your calculator program is outdated or contains missing or faulty registry and system files. So here is the solution to the question “How can I fix calculator app on Windows 10?” “

How to fix Calculator app in Windows 10:

As I told you before behind this calculator not working on Windows 10 problem, there is no particular reason. There is therefore no specific solution for this. If you are having the same calculator issues in Windows 10, here are some solutions that may help you. Here in this article I will mention a few different ways to fix this error; some of which worked for many users and some worked for certain users.

Update Calculator to Fix Windows 10 Calculator App

In terms of solving the issue that this calculator not working on Windows 10, you can just check the Windows Store for an update for your calculator app, if the above method failed to resolve your issue. . If you find an update for your app, please update it. You might be able to solve your problem with your calculator.

Reset Calculator To Fix Windows 10 Calculator Not Working

If you find that your Windows 10 calculator is not working, the first thing you can do is reset the app. This process has worked as a solution for many users. It’s a very simple process and it doesn’t take a lot of time.

To reset your calculator in Windows 10, just open all settings> click on ‘Applications’> click on ‘Calculator’ option> open ‘Advanced options’> click on ‘Reset’ button You will get a confirmation window after you clicked on this reset button. Just click on restart again. Check your calculator after this reset process. Your problem should be resolved now. Otherwise, choose the next one.

Reinstall Calculator to Fix Windows 10 Calculator Not Working

If these two methods mentioned above do not fix your calculator not working problem in Windows 10, I will recommend that you reinstall your calculator. Although this shape is unconventional. But like other built-in Microsoft apps, the calculator doesn’t have an uninstall option. Windows PowerShell will help you with this uninstallation process.

Just go to Windows PowerShell through the Start button> click Run as administrator> enter the command Get-AppxPackage * windowscalculator * | Remove-AppxPackage (Running the command will uninstall your calculator app)> reinstall your calculator app using the given command Get-AppxPackage-AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage-DisableDevelopmentMode-Register “$ ($ _. InstallLocation) AppXManifest.xml”}> Press Enter.

This will reinstall your app resolving your issue.

Create New User Account To Fix Windows 10 Calculator Not Working

If the third process I mentioned above doesn’t work, go for the one I mention now. You can try to resolve your problem by creating another user account by following the steps below.

Type add user by clicking Start menu search bar> click Add, edit, or remove other people option> click Add another person to this PC option in the new window titled Family & Others people> click on I don’t have this person’s username

Next window information option> +6+> Here you can add new username and password with password hint> Click Next button to create your new account. Just log in. You can easily do this by clicking that same button in the Start menu and then selecting the new user ID. Once you have signed in with your new username, try to access the calculator and see if you still cannot open the calculator in Windows 10. If so, try running the scans mentioned below .

Run SFC Scan to fix Windows 10 not working issue

If all of the above doesn’t fix your Windows 10 calculator problem, you should try the method I’m going to mention. You may come across a problem that this calculator is not working due to an error with the system files. In this case, you can run an SFC scan to look for a corrupted file and when it finds it, it will fix the error for you. You can run an SFC scan using the method mentioned below.

Press Win + X> select Command Prompt (Admin)> Type sfc / scannow> Press Enter.

Your SFC scanning process will begin. It can take some time. Once completed, you need to restart your computer. After restarting your PC, try to run the calculator app.

DISM Analysis

If the SFC scan doesn’t solve your problem with a calculator, you can perform a DISM scan through the process I’ll mention below: Open Command Prompt> type DISM / Online / Cleanup-Image / RestoreHealth> Press on Enter> This analysis may take a long time. Do not interrupt the process during a scan. After completing this DISM scan, just run another SFC scan through the method I already gave you. Let the scan complete. Restart your PC and try to start your calculator.

Update the operating system

One of the main reasons for this Windows 10 calculator not working problem is that your system is outdated. So try to keep your system always up to date so that your apps run smoothly.

Final Words: How To Fix “Calculator Won’t Start” Problem on Windows PC

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