How a Double VPN Can Keep Your Online Activity More Private

VPNs have become extremely popular in recent years as people seek to keep their data as secure as possible online. But, while many VPNs use a single server, double VPNs use two. But what can a double VPN offer, and is it the right choice for you?

What is a Double VPN?

Most VPN providers use a single remote server through which they encrypt your internet traffic. A double VPN, on the other hand, sends your traffic through two remote servers by chaining them together, which means that a double layer of encryption is achieved.

While many VPN providers only offer a basic VPN, there are a number of services that also offer a double VPN option, including NordVPN, SurfShark, and ProtonVPN.

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But if VPNs alone make it so hard for hackers to steal your data, does everyone still need a double VPN?

Should everyone use a double VPN?

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In short, no. For those who use the internet for fairly typical purposes, such as streaming video content, shopping, visiting social media platforms, or the like, a double VPN isn’t really necessary. Since this proportion of individuals represents most internet users, you probably don’t need a double VPN.


If, however, you’re trying to avoid government surveillance, conduct journalistic research anonymously, or tightly shield your online sources, a double VPN might work well for you, as it gives your data that extra layer of encryption. .

If you are already using a VPN service, it may not offer double VPN. But a quick internet search can answer that question for you.

On NordVPN, for example, you can enable double VPN by clicking the Specialized servers section of the app home page, where you will see the Dual-VPN option. All you have to do is click and you will be connected to an additional remote server. The process should be similar on other VPN apps that offer a double VPN feature.

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It should be noted that double VPNs significantly slow down your connection speed. VPNs affect internet speeds in general, but the extra server through which your data is sent with a double VPN can result in an extremely slow online experience.

But how much does a double VPN affect your internet speed?

Using Speedtest’s internet speed calculator, we can compare the connection speeds available for standard and double VPN.

Using a standard VPN through NordVPN, we were able to achieve a download speed of 55.58 Mbps and an upload speed of 15.78 Mbps. With a double VPN, on the other hand, the download speed dropped to 38.67 Mbps, although the upload speed increased to 16.16 Mbps.

As a check, we tested the internet speed without any VPN connection and got a download speed of 71.09 Mbps, as well as an upload speed of 18.15 Mbps. This goes to show that a double VPN can weigh on your internet speeds more than a standard VPN alone.

If your online situation requires an extra layer of security and you’re prepared to deal with slow internet speeds, a double VPN could be a great option for you. With an extra layer of encryption, your data will be doubly protected from any malicious party that wants to get hold of it.


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