Hornady launches free ballistics calculator app

Hornady announced the launch of its new Hornady ballistic calculation application which includes the advanced 4DOF (4 Degrees of Freedom) Calculator and a standard Typical Ballistic Coefficient (BC) Calculator for hunters who want to get the most out of their firearms ballistic capabilities.

The free Hornady Ballistic Calculator app allows users to calculate trajectories in the field without a wireless connection from their phone or tablet. Originally introduced in a 2016 website release, Hornady’s 4DOF Ballistic Calculator gained a following of hunters looking to maximize their gun zeros, especially for long-range hunting.

The Hornady 4DOF Ballistic Calculator provides trajectory solutions based on the projectile’s drag coefficient (not the ballistic coefficient) as well as the exact physical profile of the projectile, including its mass and aerodynamic properties. Wind drift and the vertical displacement of a ball when hit by a crosswind are also taken into account.

“Current ballistic computers offer three degrees of freedom in their approach; windage, elevation and range, but treat the projectile as an inanimate mass flying through the air,” Hornady’s Chief Ballistician Dave Emary said in a recent press release. “This program incorporates the motion of the projectile within the standard three degrees, but also adds its motion around its center of gravity and its subsequent angle to its line of flight, which is the fourth degree of freedom.”

Using Doppler radar, Hornady engineers calculated the exact drag versus velocity curves for each bullet in the 4DOF calculator’s library. When combined with the physical attributes of projectiles, the 4DOF calculator is more accurate for long-range hits than using other measurements derived from a limited number of data collection points.

The 4DOF Ballistic Calculator is used with pre-populated bullet files that include long-range hunting-style bullets, as well as match bullets, including Hornady’s own ELD-X and ELD Match bullets, as well as other long-range bullets from various companies. To see the projectiles available, visit hornady.com/4dof.

The Hornady Ballistic Calculator app still offers a standard BC-based calculator for use with other balls. Users can enter their own BC values ​​(G1 and G7 digits) or can choose from the full range of Hornady bullets and ammunition in easily filtered pre-populated lists. The Hornady Ballistic Calculator app is Bluetooth enabled and will work with select anemometers. The app also allows users to create “favorites” (rifle/scope/ammo combinations) and save them for repeated use.

To download the free Hornady Ballistic Calculator app, visit the Apple App Store for iOS devices or the Google Play Store for Android devices.

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