Google is bringing a calculator to tablets before Apple, here’s what it looks like

Google is rolling out its next app update aimed at improving the experience on Android tablets, including Google Calculator. The changes, as reported by 9to5Google, are anything but subtle. In fact, they bring with them the potential for vastly improved productivity for users who really need it.

For starters, in landscape mode, none of the calculator’s user interfaces are hidden. As shown in the images below, the full range of calculation tools are visible. This includes all of the scientific calculator buttons found in the app’s standard landscape mode on mobile.

Now, however, these tools don’t take up the entire UI either. Calculation history was previously hidden behind an upward swipe. When active, it occupied the entire display. With the change, it is displayed on the left side of the UI instead and not hidden at all.

The new layout not only displays more of the UI on screen at once. It still allows for a more streamlined view when the tablets are rotated vertically in portrait mode.

Will other applications be compatible with Android tablets after Google Calculator?

Now, Google Calculator isn’t the first of the search giant’s apps to see an update explicitly designed for Android tablets. Just last week, the company also updated its Google Lens app to support tablets. And, again, the goal is to make the app more useful in landscape mode.

The changes correspond to a much bigger push from Google – and not just for the calculator, but for all of its apps and third-party apps as well. Namely, in line with improvements in Android 12L and future releases aimed at bolstering efforts in the tablet space as a whole. Although at the time of this writing, the update doesn’t appear to be based on Android 12 at all.

This version of Calculator, reported as version 8.2, is simply the latest application to take advantage of it. The changes for Google Calculator, in particular, will be useful for those who need to multitask between their tablets and other devices. Since it allows to simultaneously view and interact with the story and the complete scientific calculator.

This means users can see more and do more. All without the dozens of extra taps and swipes for every calculation they have to perform.

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