Google Calculator Has Already Got Its First Post-Material You Design Update

Refine the material you

Android 12 has made all kinds of things more stylish, while also bringing new looks and functionality to apps and widgets. We’ve already seen Material You access YouTube Music’s playback controls, Google Maps shortcuts, and the Calculator app, among others. But it turns out a few extras are coming for the revamped calculator app as well.

To get started, you can now get the Calculator v8.1 as APK. While the styling overhaul has done a good job of making the app more pleasing to the eye, there is now new animation and a haptic element to make using it more engaging and tactile. To be fair, it doesn’t seem like there is much you can do to a calculator app to make it that much more appealing, so here we are.

While the new circular buttons reflect a broader styling philosophy, the obvious similarities to Android 12’s new PIN entry form don’t end there. As of the v8.1 update, calculator buttons now turn into squares with rounded edges when pressed, returning to their circular shape when released. Along with this visual change comes the addition of haptic feedback with each press, as we know from Gboard.

With a much cleaner aesthetic already in place, including the app now hiding some of the calculator’s more advanced function keys in a drop-down menu, you could say it all adds up or multiplies into something pretty much. cared for. Ultimately, Calculator v8.1 is now all the better for seeing and feeling what you’re doing, helping you budget any future devices in a nicer, more engaging app.

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