Google Calculator 8.2 brings an updated user interface for larger devices

It’s no secret that Android tablet experiences aren’t the best when it comes to app support. While there is a huge library of Android apps for users to take advantage of, optimizing for larger devices isn’t always the best. Luckily, it looks like one of Google’s own apps, Calculator, has received an update, giving tablet users a better experience.

The new update that hit the Google Play Store updates the Calculator app to version 8.2. The update brings an improved user interface, which should be useful for those with larger screens.

Prior to the update, the Calculator app offered the same experience on all Android devices, regardless of screen size. The problem with this is that in landscape mode, on a device with a large screen, the app would simply scale the UI, wasting valuable screen space. You can see the old app UI in the image above.

Calculator 8.2 via 9to5Google

With the latest version of the application, you can see that the left side offers additional information, allowing users to easily see the history of calculations. This could also be done before, but it required the user to swipe down on the UI, hiding the keys. Along with this noticeable change are many subtle differences, like the ability to hide advanced features for a cleaner look. When this mode is active, the buttons also change shape, going from a circle to a more oblong shape. Although this is a minor update, the new user interface should allow users to perform calculations more efficiently. Of course, if you just need a simple calculator with fewer functions, you can always turn your device to portrait orientation to hide the app’s advanced features.

The updated Calculator app, version 8.2, is available directly from the Google Play Store. Of course, it might not be available in your region yet, but it is an extended version and should be available eventually. Sure, it’s possible to get the APK from a third-party website and sideload it, but that’s probably not that bad. Earlier this month, Google held its annual I/O Developer Conference, showcasing upcoming devices, Android 13, and more. You can check out the full event recap and announcements here.

Source: Google Play Store
Via: 9to5Google

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