Fire Cash Buyers creates an online fire-damaged home value estimator for sellers

Fire Cash Buyers, a family-owned real estate business, is launching a distinctive and effortless online calculator/estimator for sellers to get an idea of ​​their home’s as-is value if they are considering selling their fire-damaged home.

Fire Cash Buyers is launching a Fire Damaged Home Value Calculator for homeowners who have suffered a fire and are considering selling. This fire damaged home value estimator provides sellers with an estimated value of the fire damaged home in its current condition. Offer is not final and does not take into account potential water damage caused by the efforts of firefighters, mold damage caused by unmitigated water damage and smoke damage. The offer aims to give them an idea of ​​its market value.

The calculator asks sellers to indicate the properties located in and provides an estimate of the cost of rebuilding the house, if it has completely burned down. Furthermore, it also adds to the cost of demolishing or cleaning the house depending on the level of damage. It also includes potential water, smoke and mold damage as a factor in the bid estimate.

The intention behind the creation of the calculator is to give sellers an easy way to quickly determine the value of their home in its condition after a fire. All of this assumes they want to sell their home and know what they can get out of it. A seller can then request a cash offer, and a Fire Cash Buyers representative will receive a call and purchase the home for cash, and the closing date is usually 14 or 30 days away. This means no repairs, no banks, no appraisals and no hassle, allowing you to sell your home as is after a fire.

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Fire Cash Buyers, a family-owned real estate business, committed to the highest standards of quality and integrity, pioneered a distinctive, effortless way to get a sense of your home’s value after a fire. Fire Cash Buyers is a cash home buying company that specializes in buying fire damaged homes in all 50 US states.

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