Essential digital tools for every online math teacher

Online math tutoring has become a popular alternative to traditional classroom lessons. With so many people using the internet as their first point of contact for anything, it’s no wonder an online math tutor has found success in this niche market. If you are considering starting your own business as an online tutor, here is a list of 6 must-have digital tools that will help you succeed!

1.Google Meet

Google Meet is a video conferencing tool that will allow you to interact with your students in real time. You can use it on computers or mobile devices so you can always connect with those who need tutoring the most. The main benefit of Meet over Zoom or Skype is that students don’t need to download any additional software – they just click a link and can be up and running in seconds.


Award-winning, completely free math education software – yes please. Mathigon uses advanced technology to make learning more engaging and personalized. The material is fully interactive, with students having to solve problems or answer questions at each stage to progress. Each chapter takes an abstract concept and makes it relevant through puzzles, stories, or real-life applications. This all-in-one tool also features a “polypad” that acts as a whiteboard to help you easily visualize concepts for your students.

3. Prodigy

Prodigy is a highly effective online math program designed for students in grades 1-8. Players embark on quests, explore new worlds, and compete against friends, all while engaging in math. This game is a great tool for any online math tutor looking to make their lessons more engaging for their students. With a teacher account, you can track progress, monitor achievements, and set new challenges for your students whenever you want.

4. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is another free learning platform that students can use to learn math that any online math tutor should consider. There are thousands of videos and interactive exercises that aim to help students master their skills. With material for all levels, from elementary school through high school to college, it’s easy to see why Khan Academy has become so popular with tutors, teachers, and learners around the world!

5. Desmos

Desmos is a free online graphing calculator that makes it easy to create and share beautiful graphs. You can use this tool for interactive math explorations with students or as an aid when creating digital cheat sheets or review notes. It is particularly powerful when it comes to making connections between equations, tables and graphs. The ability for students to manipulate values ​​and see them update on the graph in real time is what makes this tool a no-brainer for any online math tutor.

To create a truly immersive experience for your students, a Wacom tablet, iPad or touchscreen with stylus is essential. This lets you use your computer as an open canvas and interact with it via pen, pencil, or even a brush. Although all of these hardware tools are not free, they will definitely bring new dimensions to your online math lessons. Not only will explaining concepts become easier, but your students will also be able to see and learn as if you were sitting right next to them.

Final Thoughts

No matter what type of math program you teach, there are a number of technology tools that will help make your online lessons more engaging and interactive. While this list is by no means exhaustive, these six digital tools will help you get started.

Math Minds, Australia’s leading math tutoring company, has had great success using a combination of digital programs tailored to the teaching style of the tutor and the learning goals of the students they are teaching.

Of course, it’s important to remember that ultimately it’s not the digital tool that will make a lesson great – it’s the tutor and their ability to use them to enhance the online experience.

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