Deep Longevity launches online psychological test based on deep learning

Deep Longevity, a unit of Hong Kong-listed Endurance RP Limited, has developed an online psychological test powered by a deep learning model.


The online app called FuturSelf uses a new AI model of human psychology that estimates a user’s psychological age and creates a personalized mental health program based on their psychological profile.

The web service is based on the results of an academic research project conducted by Deep Longevity in partnership with Dr. Nancy Etcoff of Harvard Medical School.

Their The study, which was published in the peer-reviewed biomedical journal Aging US, developed two numerical models of human psychology. The first model is a set of deep neural networks that can predict both a person’s chronological age and psychological well-being 10 years from now. The second model is a self-organizing map that can serve as the basis for a recommendation engine for mental health apps.

Anonymized data collected from FuturSelf will be used to further develop the platform.

According to a press release, the sponsors of the study on which the online psychological test is based are working on a follow-up study on the effect of happiness on physiological measures of aging.


The impact of the global pandemic on workspaces has lowered productivity and increased absenteeism among workers around the world, pushing employers to modernize their approach to mental health.

However, “[e]Existing mental health apps offer generic advice that applies to everyone but doesn’t work for anyone,” said Alex Zhavoronkov, director of longevity at Deep Longevity.

Zhavoronkov pointed out that FuturSelf is “scientifically sound and offers superior personalization” compared to other online self-help services.

“By using Deep Longevity’s digital approach to managing mental health, an invaluable feedback loop is created that can help employees thrive by increasing their motivation and productivity or allowing them to seek out important emotional support by should the need arise,” the company said in a statement.

Deep Longevity plans to offer FuturSelf as a B2B SaaS to insurance companies, corporations, and other employers looking to track the mental health and wellbeing of their employees.


The launch of the FuturSelf psychological testing app follows the development of the Deep Longevity web platform. COVID Risk Calculator, an online tool that can provide an estimate of survival for a hospitalized COVID-19 patient. The calculator was created based on a deep learning model called BloodAge, which analyzes blood test reports from COVID-19 positive patients to quantify their aging process.

Separately, Australia-based Cogstate launched its digital brain assessment tool earlier this year. Cogmate in Taiwan and Hong Kong. The web and mobile platform renders a user’s Brain Performance Index, which is a measure of cognition, such as memory and decision-making.

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