Blue Marble Geographics Releases Geographic Calculator Update

Geographic Calculator® is powerful geodetic software for precise coordinate conversion, datum transformation and file translation.

With a new IOGP online registry import method, Geographic Calculator 2020 SP2 allows users to connect to the new EPSG geodetic parameter dataset.

Time dependent positioning methods represent a major area of ​​development for which support is continually being added. The latest transformations and coordinate systems can be imported from GeoCalc Online.

– Scott Webber, Quality Assurance Analyst

HALLOWELL, MAINE, UNITED STATES, November 18, 2021 / – Geographic blue marble® is pleased to announce the availability of Geographic calculator® 2020 SP2, a program update ensuring the latest methods for advanced coordinate transformations.

The Geographic Calculator is the leading standard in advanced coordinate system management and transformation. With users from all industries around the world, Blue Marble and the team behind Geographic Calculator strive to provide the most innovative tools for managing coordinate systems.

The SP2 version of Geographic Calculator supports object imports from IOGP online registers as a method to enhance and customize the local data source. Whether importing updated features from the new EPSG geodetic parameter dataset or custom online records, the geographic calculator displays features that are not currently in the data source and allows easy import. Continuing to stay up to date with recently released coordinate systems and transformations, time-specific eight-parameter transformations are now included and available for use in the calculator as the data source has been updated to match the EPSG 10.038 standard.

“Geographic Calculator 2020 SP2 demonstrates Blue Marble Geographics’ continued efforts to stay at the forefront of advances in geodesy,” said Scott Webber, Quality Assurance Analyst. “Time-dependent positioning methods represent a major area of ​​development for which support is continually being added. The latest transformations and coordinate systems can be easily imported from the online GeoCalc register or through a new interface for IOGP registers such as EPSG. As always, quality assurance is a guiding principle in the evolution of the geographic calculator.

Since 1993, Geographic Calculator has been the coordinate conversion tool of choice for GIS and surveying professionals around the world. The software quickly gained popularity during this first decade and maintained its reputation as the best coordinate conversion solution on the market.
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As a leader in GIS and software development, Blue Marble Geographics® provides professional quality tools to GIS users at all levels. Founded in 1993, Blue Marble’s expertise spans the geospatial technology industry with a particular focus on coordinate conversion and management, lidar and photogrammetric point cloud processing, and product development focused on the user.

Blue Marble products include the geographic calculator®, the industry standard for accurate spatial data conversion and advanced coordinate system management; Global Mapper®, an all-in-one GIS application with a full range of data processing and analysis tools; and Global Mapper Pro®, a suite of advanced tools to optimize workflow efficiency and process lidar and photogrammetric point clouds from images captured by drones. All of these desktop tools are also available as toolkits and software development libraries.

For nearly three decades, Blue Marble products have been used and trusted by organizations around the world, including government agencies, universities, and Fortune 500 companies. For more information, visit:

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