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Here is an overview of some of the advanced features of the bid calculator. Adding goalies, changing the value of relievers, and entering point leagues are discussed. Lucas Kelly went over the basics of the calculator in this article.


The Keeper feature is one of the best features of the Bid Calculator. Since it was added I use it every year for my home goalie league and will do so again this year. Although it takes a bit of time to set up, it is well worth it.

The first step is to enter the league settings for the individual league (link needed) as shown in the introductory article. The next step is the longest. Each guardian and its cost must be entered. Here’s an example with a $50 Mike Trout and the resulting league.

This step must be repeated for each player and may take some time depending on the number of goalkeepers. Once players are added, there are two major benefits going forward.

First, the expected inflation relative to a revamped league is calculated. In this example, Spencer Torkelson should cost over $1 more than in a redesigned league.

The reason for the increase is that top third basemen are already signed up at below market rates and the few remaining options are becoming more desirable. Since most sitters are kept well below market cost, I’ve seen the adjusted rate to be more than double the dollar value.

The second advantage is that the scarcity of positions becomes evident. The calculator may show only one or two top players at a position and the bidding may be intense for the. Sometimes multiple options exist but all players are barely above replacement level. In this case, other managers may pay for the best bad player, but since the players are interchangeable, there is no reason to pay a premium.

Adjusting the value of the lifter

The calculation of reliever value will be specific to the historical dynamics of each league. The most common problem is that the results of the bid calculator seem to include too many relievers and overvalue them. While middle relievers are valuable, fantasy managers start the season focusing on finding reliable starters.

An example, assume a team of 15 with nine pitcher pitches (no relief or starter designation) where only the closest 30 are drafted. If the interface is set to nine pitchers, here are the values ​​for the top five relievers.

Additionally, 61 relievers have values ​​of $1 or more and are in the draft pool.

The first step to solving this discrepancy is to divide the pitching pool into seven starters and two relievers (15 teams x 2 RP = 30 closers).

The cost of the remaining 30 relievers drops a bit with the best around $5.

If these values ​​are still too high for the history of the league, they can be lowered using the aptly named “Artificial Lowering of Relief Pitcher Value” feature.

This feature does not work if a zero is in the RP box under Pitchers. Also, if someone only wants the top 30 relievers but increases the value, a negative value can be used.

Point Leagues

For those playing in points leagues, most of them can be set up using the Points feature with several predefined conditions for our Ottoneu leagues.

It is quite easy to just add the individual setting of a league with our available options. For example, here are the settings for a standard ESPN points league, and here they are entered for a league.

One adjustment I had to make was to add Total Bases since we don’t have that option. For Total Bases, a 1 is for 1B, a 2 for 2B, a 3 for 3B, and a 4 for HR.

I went ahead and set up some of the more common points leagues. In some cases, adjustments had to be made.

Everything is settled without adjustments

Adjustments made

The two categories that we currently don’t have on our bid calculator are quality starts and pitcher hit by pitches. For quality starts, the points added from it are included in the Victories category. It’s not ideal, but the best we can do. For Hit-by-Pitch, the step deduction is increased to -1.13 (15,794 steps were issued in 2021 and 2,112 players were hit). If this change was not added, casters would be artificially knocked down at all levels.

Another issue is that Fantrax only has one eligible position (most at the position), so check the position availability.

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