Best iPadOS Calculator Apps of 2022

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Check out the best iPadOS calculator apps

Calculator is a basic utility and most people don’t use it often, but that’s no excuse to ignore it altogether. Who needs a pocket calculator when you have one of the best calculator apps on your smartphone? After all, even an average phone can exceed the computing power of a minute calculator, and you only have to carry one device instead of two.

The iPad is one of the best tablets for students with reasonable hardware specifications and up-to-date software, although it lacks a very basic tool, a calculator. It’s disheartening that the missing iPad calculator app and third-party calculator apps haven’t made it better. Most third-party calculator apps on iPad are full of irritating ads.

Most people need a calculator app for basic daily tasks. However, if you are an engineering student or have a similar profession, you will likely have to work with CAS calculators and graphing calculators all the time. Fortunately, there are also many options for scientific calculators and CAS for iPad.

Best iPadOS Calculator Apps

Pcalc lite

PCalc Lite for iOS takes a well-deserved place in the list of best calculator apps as an extremely flexible and free scientific calculator with powerful features. While the base app is great on its own, you can turn to some valuable plugins as well. There is also a units conversion function which can convert your calculator’s value to other units of measure as needed.

Students with advanced algebra probably use calculators more than anyone else and they deserve an app that gives them a calculator that solves their trigonometric functions and registers. Pcalc does its job and offers advanced features like sine, logarithm, exponents, square, square roots, etc.

The base package gives you a lot of work, like trigonometric and logarithmic functions, radian mode, undo and redo, as well as unit and constant conversions. Users looking for more power can purchase additional features and operations.


Photomath turns a phone’s camera into a calculator, and users can use their camera’s viewfinder to instantly scan and solve math problems. Photomath supports alternative answers, as well as a smart calculator for editing scanned equations and a new graphing mode. The app handles everything from basic algebra to linear, quadratic and absolute equations and inequalities, systems of equations, trigonometry and more with the same equilibrium.

PhotoMath is a lifeline when you want to solve long equations, as it does the difficult job of capturing the whole problem through the camera and processing the image and researching possible mathematical formulas. He does it effectively. We had no issues with the speed and accuracy of the results.

Scan a problem and the app displays the final answer along with a step-by-step analysis of the solution to the problem so you can learn how to find solutions on your own.


Calcbot is a scientific calculator that will save your life for your nightly work sessions. You can also check out Calcbot for your iPad calculation needs. This is a simple free calculator app that supports scientific and regular calculations on your tablet. Calcbot also comes with a convert function which works similarly to the PCalc system, but you will need to unlock the Pro version of Calcbot to use it. Also if you want a calculator app with a historical band feature.

Calcbot has all of the scientific calculator functions present, although you can see that it lacks inverse trigonometric functions of sine, cosine, etc. Well, you can press the up arrow at the top left of the keyboard to show the functions. Creative use of space and minimization of the number of buttons while increasing the usability of the application.

you can label a result if you plan to use it in your next calculations. This also makes it possible to search for the specific calculation. Later, if you need to check your calculations, you can directly tap the list instead of repeating it over and over again.


Calcularium is a powerful calculator that includes neat controls that give you control over entering and editing calculations. Calculator app is easy to use and also has many functions for your math needs. You can use different input methods to enter numbers: traditional keyboard, voice and photo mode.

After entering the number, you can label each number and variable for identification and retrieval. It also has gesture controls that let you rearrange various parts of an equation, split individual variables into smaller equations, or save variables and formulas.

Users can enter numbers with the traditional keyboard or enter equations via voice or photo mode, then tag each number and variable for quick search and retrieval. Gesture controls let you rearrange the elements of each equation, and you can save formulas and variables or divide individual variables into subequations.


The app that works for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch is one of the best calculator apps. One notable thing about the app is the memory area which stores multiple values ​​that can be reused at any time by dragging and dropping. It is also possible to mark a calculation using the date and time.

Calzy boasts of having a language feature that can spell calculations in English and many other languages. You can switch between basic calculator and scientific calculator without having to switch to language mode. Take a look at this stylish and modern calculator for your daily math needs.

It has many useful functions such as a memory area to store multiple numeric values ​​for reuse and a single bookmark option. In addition, you can spell the calculation result in English and 65 other languages. Works well with all the latest iOS features like Drag and Drop (for iPhone and iPad), Haptic Touch, etc. It’s also visually appealing on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

MyScript Calculator

MyScript Calculator 2 comes to the rescue of those of us who are used to writing equations in pencil and paper rather than marking them on a calculator. A handwriting recognition system allows users to write equations and the app calculates the results. This app has a very interesting input function, you use your finger or Apple Pencil to write the equations on the screen, it recognizes the shapes and converts them to numeric inputs and calculates them for you.

The result is then displayed and stored for future reference. MyScript supports basic arithmetic, as well as percentages, square roots, trigonometric (and inverse) functions, logarithms, and constants such as pi and Euler’s number. Version 2 adds extras like history, a memory feature, multi-line support, drag and drop, and a ton of usability improvements.

Other features include palm rejection to avoid accidental keystrokes which may be recorded by the app, left-handed typing which is considered by developers to be left-handed in mind, Apple’s pencil-only option is useful if you prefer to write with a pencil. instead of using your fingers.

Calculator Plus

Calculator + offers everything you need in a calculator and displays it all in a responsive user interface that is intuitive to use. It looks clean yet eye-catching, which makes it a visually appealing calculator. Calculator Plus is the answer to all the demands of iPad users. This is the most basic calculator app in the Apple Store with only the basic functions.

When it comes to features, it supports handwriting, advanced editing for quick round trips, lots of science functions, fractions and percentages, and more. More advanced functions are possible through in-app purchases. It also works on Apple Watch.

It works quickly and the user interface is clean, thanks to the lack of ads. You can do long chains of calculations without losing track of the command as it displays the sequence at the top making it easy to use. While this is a great app, it lacks advanced features like register, trigonometry, exponents, and roots.

EduCalc Classic

EduCalc is popularly known as the best graphing calculator for iOS and iPadOS. The app allows you to graph up to four equations simultaneously. The app will even display a graph of polar coordinates and parametric equations. A huge advantage of the app is its ability to perform conversions of various units such as area, density, distance, acceleration, angle, energy, force, mass, etc. EduCalc Classic will be very useful in your physics homework.

EduCalc Classic can also function as a scientific calculator. From algebra to trigonometry to geometry, the app will meet your math needs. Here is a scientific and graphing calculator which offers powerful functions for students and scientists. Essential arithmetic functions support square root, cubic root, nth root, registers, absolute value, factorial, permutations and combinations, random integer, bell curve, etc.

It also includes constants like the speed of light, the force of gravity on the earth’s surface, etc., so you don’t have to enter the value all the time. In addition, there is a reference list of formulas for algebra, differential and integral calculus, geometry, trigonometry, vectors, vector calculus, and classical mechanics.

Final words: best iPadOS calculator apps

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