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Which high-end printing calculators are the best?

If you’re a store manager or accountant, or run any type of business, you probably need a high-end printing calculator. Buying and using a top-of-the-line printing calculator can save you time and add the necessary documentation to show that everything has been entered and accounted for correctly. The Sharp Heavy Duty Color Printing Calculator is a stellar premium printing calculator for all your printing needs.

What to know before buying a high-end printing calculator

Consider the functions of a high-end printing calculator

You need to think about what you really need to use the premium printing calculator because, since different printing calculators have different functions. So you should first refine the high-end printing calculator models by targeting the ones that perform the operations that you might actually need to use, like depreciation and amortization.

Think about the type of ribbon you want

Most high end printing calculators have a dual spool red and black ribbon for the printing mechanism. The ribbons in these printing calculators are exposed, which increases their risk of drying out and means they don’t last as long as ribbon cartridges. Ribbon cartridges are more expensive and difficult to find, but they are much easier to change and they last much longer.

Find the right type of paper

There are different types of paper, including thermal paper, closed paper rolls, and outer paper rolls. Most high-end printing calculators have external paper rolls, which can damage your high-end printing calculator.

What to look for in a high-end, quality printing calculator


You need a high-end printing calculator that is large enough that your fingers can accurately and easily locate the right keys, and small enough to fit on your desk.


You can power most high-end printing calculators by plugging the calculator into an outlet. If you are buying a high-end printing calculator that runs on batteries, you should also purchase an AC adapter, as printing can quickly and easily drain your batteries.


You have to think about the feel and layout of the keys. You won’t really know if you’ll like the feel of the keys until you actively use the high-end printing calculator.

That being said, every high-end printing calculator has its own key layout, so if you’re replacing an old printing calculator, you should look for a key layout that closely matches your previous model so you don’t have to. no need to take the time for a period of adaptation.

How much you can expect to spend on a premium printing calculator

High-end printing calculators typically cost over $ 60, but some cost around $ 40 to $ 60. These high-end calculators are quite large and sturdy and include the Margin, Sale, and Cost keys. They are also fairly simple to use and print at over four lines per second.

Premium printing calculator faq

Why would you want a premium printing calculator if you already have Excel?

A. Using Excel without a high-end printing calculator is similar to using a computer keyboard without a mouse. Adding a mouse to your computer keyboard improves your ability to efficiently accomplish all your projects and tasks.

What does the two-key rollover refer to?

A. Sometimes you can press a second key before you completely remove your first finger from the first key. In more basic printing calculators, the second key you pressed will not register and you will end up missing a function or entering an incorrect number. This is called the two-key reversal.

That being said, if you have a high-end printing calculator, the two keys you press will register individually in the order you pressed them, reducing the chance of errors.

What makes a high-end printing calculator considered very durable?

A. It is usually the printing speed that determines the classification of a high-end printing calculator. A printing calculator that prints only three or fewer lines per second is considered lightweight, while a calculator that prints three to four lines per second is considered average. Rugged printing calculators can typically print at least four lines per second.

What are the best high-end printing calculators to buy?

Premium printing calculator

Sharp Heavy Duty Color Printing Calculator

What would you like to know: This premium printing calculator from Sharp offers advanced math features and functionality.

What you will love: It offers a built-in antimicrobial layer for improved hygiene, along with sturdy keys that last despite regular and heavy use. The large screen is also easy to read in bright and dark conditions.

What you should consider: The built-in paper holder that comes with this premium printing calculator can hold the ribbon too loose.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Premium printing calculator for the money

Canon P23-DHV-3 Printing Calculator

Canon P23-DHV-3 Printing Calculator

What would you like to know: This Canon printing calculator is small and compact and handles all the functions small business owners need.

What you will love: This premium Canon printing calculator comes with advanced accounting capabilities. It also runs on four AAA batteries with pretty decent battery life and has a smaller footprint than other printing calculators.

What you should consider: Ink may dry sooner than expected for this premium printing calculator.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

To be checked

Victor 1310 Big Print Commercial Printing Calculator

Victor 1310 Big Print Commercial Printing Calculator

What would you like to know: This premium printing calculator from Victor is perfect for the elderly and prints larger numbers than traditional models.

What you will love: This Victor premium printing calculator offers features such as item totals, memory keys, and tax keys, as well as large, sturdy buttons for touch-sensitive typists and a two-color LCD display that displays red for negative numbers.

What you should consider: This premium printing calculator works on AC power only and uses thermal paper instead of ink.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

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