Back-to-school shopping made easy with this cool online tool

Admittedly, it’s been a few years since I had to do back-to-school errands, but I still remember how stressful it was. Luckily for parents, some retailers have made it incredibly easy to get the supplies you need.

find the list

If you’re like me and procrastinate on just about everything in life, including back-to-school shopping, even the most basic part of the process — getting the list — can feel like some sort of medieval quest. By the time I got to the store, the once neatly organized papers were stuffed and piled in the wrong places and I was spending a good 5 minutes looking for the right list if I found it.

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Crowded aisles

Then there were the crowded aisles. Ouch! My heart races and my palms get sweaty just thinking about all the parents so focused on their own kids and their own lists that they rush you with their shopping carts.

The good thing

Sometimes it can be hard to find the right things just because the aisles are such a mess with everyone rummaging through everything. It can be a truly overwhelming experience.


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Retailers to the rescue

Luckily the world has moved on, and although I was once told that I wasn’t going to be able to carry a calculator in my pocket everywhere I went, technology has moved on and back-to-school shopping has taken over. their meaning. much easier.

Easy List Search

Well, it might be a little more than a click away, but has made shopping for school supplies incredibly easy. When you land on their homepage, you are prompted to enter your postcode and/or school name.


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Purchase of school supplies in one click

Once you have selected the school, you will be offered a selection of grade levels. From there, not only will the list of suitable supplies be displayed, but you will also have the option to choose your retailer, including Walmart, Target and Amazon, and then you can put the full list of supplies in your online shopping cart. with a single click before proceeding to checkout.

Not without hiccups

Obviously, we’re just entering back-to-school shopping, so all schools and grades may not be available yet. It looks like schools/classrooms have to upload these lists to the retailer sites before you can buy your supplies digitally. Either way, it’s better to get run over with another parent’s shopping cart in a crowded aisle!


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You can upload your class list to make it easier for parents to find and buy supplies! You can upload your class list to so parents can take advantage of shopping online. It will also populate your list directly from retailers like Walmart and Target.

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