Aviso Launches Industry’s First Revenue Intelligence Value Calculator for AI Benefit and Cost of Sales Assessments

SAN FRANCISCO, December 14, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Aviso AI, the only Predictive Revenue Intelligence platform recognized for its Guided Whole Body Selling System since 2019, has launched the industry’s first revenue-driven value estimation calculator for selling AI to help every business demand more value from its sales AI investments. The Value Calculator is a free, self-service tool that helps commercial sales managers and CROs, as well as enablement and productivity managers, quantify the value of an integrated approach to business intelligence. income for their business.

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Aviso’s Value Calculator Shows How A Single Window of Revenue Information Can Drive Revenue and Cost Benefits

According to BetterCloud SaaSOps Status Report, the average business uses 110 SaaS applications this year, up from an average of 80 last year, and SaaS spend and visibility is a major challenge for CIOs and business leaders. Forty-two percent of respondents said finding licenses for unused or underutilized SaaS applications was one of their most critical challenges to solve and 80% of respondents admit that a certain percentage of their spend SaaS is be wasted.

For most organizations, analyzing the return on investment (ROI) of an integrated AI revenue intelligence approach is labor intensive and often relies on guesswork and little spreadsheets. reliable. Aviso’s Value Estimation Calculator is a comprehensive, streamlined design and easy-to-use solution for teams of any size to perform scenario modeling on how a single-pane approach like Aviso AI can deliver to the organization. both revenue and cost benefits, integrating GTM collaboration, predictive forecasting, business management, conversational intelligence, relationship intelligence, CRM automation and sales analysis.

Demand and customer sophistication in purchasing revenue intelligence technology is growing rapidly, especially to account for the increase in virtual selling since the start of the pandemic. Aviso launched this new calculator to help all businesses demand more from their sales AI tools.

“Aviso’s value estimate calculator is a game-changer for CROs and CIOs. In 2021, Revenue Intelligence has become a C suite initiative, ”said Trevor Rodrigues-Templar, President and CEO of Aviso. “In our clientele, we have seen how difficult it is for non-financial practitioners to see the return on their investment in AI investments. So we decided to create this asset for the income operations community. With the Aviso Value Calculator, any revenue team can create scenarios for their unique sales environment and generate custom reports with specific metrics to show their leadership the value of AI investments like Aviso to Revenue Operations. “

Aviso Guided Revenue Intelligence’s patented platform acts as a ‘one stop shop’ for revenue teams to predict forecast with over 98% accuracy across multiple CRMs and CRM instances, provide advanced sentiment-based conversational intelligence , intentions and aspects, based on the next person best actions and integrated collaboration, while eliminating CRM data entry and reducing CRM costs by 30%. Aviso’s time series database is unique in the industry, and it brings the data, workflows, insights, and actions GTM teams need to win.

“Revenue operations managers have long looked for a way to justify the right investments in predictive AI for their function. As the revenue operations manager at ServiceNow and VMWare earlier in my career, I have long sought tools that could help me do the same “, mentioned Harish Dittakavi, EVP Operations at Aviso. “But before leaders can invest in the right technology and not burn themselves out with AI that promises too much and underpins it, they need training on best practices and variables, including on conversion metrics, up-sell and cross-sell potential, and operational costs. With Aviso’s Value Estimate Calculator, executives, managers and users can simulate their environment and sales scenarios and receive a reliable quantitative assessment. Together with our Value Sales team, they have the ability to refine the free assessment into a personalized business case that will value revenue intelligence for their organization. “

Clients such as Honeywell, RingCentral, FireEye, LaunchDarkly, DataStax, and Marlin Equity Partners use Aviso to drive 25% higher success rates, 50% faster sales cycles, over $ 100 million in additional revenue for the typical Fortune 500 business, delivering over 500% ROI. Aviso’s Value Estimate Calculator was developed in partnership with the world’s largest companies and their core revenues, leveraging best practices and observing the limitations of unreliable ROI tools.

Gartner predicted 75% of the world’s fastest growing companies will deploy a RevOps model by 2025. “CEOs and sales managers recognize that functional silos shifting customers from one function to another and using technology, different people and different processes are a barrier. to revenue growth, ”said Doug Bushée, senior analyst director at Gartner. “As a result, progressive organizations are starting to align sales, marketing and customer success technologies, data and KPIs to provide an end-to-end view of the revenue engine. “

Aviso AI’s value estimate calculator is free and available at https://www.aviso.com/valuecalculator/

About Aviso:

Aviso is the AI-Driven Compass that provides sales and go-to-market teams with a single pane of glass to accelerate growth, win more deals and find their revenue True North. Aviso AI provides integrated revenue intelligence for all Go-to-Market team members, drives team-wide actions and course corrections, and gives precise AI boost to that sales teams don’t get lost in the fog of CRM. With proven results in Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders such as Honeywell, Seagate, Elastic, RingCentral, and Marlin Equity Partners, Aviso is working at the frontier of predictive AI to maximize revenue and minimize risk.

Aviso’s AI has generated more than 350 billion pieces of information, analyzed 400 billion dollars in the pipeline, and helped customers win 164 billion dollars in transactions between customers. Businesses use Aviso to generate more revenue, achieve their goals faster, and reach bold new frontiers. By using Aviso’s guided selling tools instead of conventional CRM systems, sales teams close 20% more deals with 98% and better accuracy and reduce non-essential CRM license spend by 30%. Aviso is backed by Storm Ventures, Scale Venture Partners, Shasta Ventures and the world’s leading technology investors in Silicon Valley.



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