Aklimate launches free renovation calculator to help eco-conscious homeowners

Aklimate, a tech company that helps businesses assess their carbon footprint, has created a free calculator to work out how much homeowners might need to spend to renovate their homes.

It uses government data to gather a property’s current EPC rating and any metrics that can help improve it, combined with information from Habito about how much it might cost.

To calculate potential energy savings, Aklimate weighs the average energy consumption of the home’s EPC against average energy costs. To determine how carbon emissions can be reduced, it looks at the typical waste produced by homes of a certain EPC rating per square meter, and to determine the value a renovation can add to a property, it uses data from Rightmove.

Users must enter their zip code and energy efficiency goal to determine how their home can be made greener.

Aklimate is engaging with the Building Societies Association for approval and is in talks with companies that are part of the Mortgage Climate Action Group to get mortgage brokers to use the calculator on behalf of their clients or encourage them to use the calculator. use themselves.

Mark Fischel, co-founder of Aklimate, said: “The calculator is valuable to both owners and brokers, who can use the tool to assess their clients’ suitability for efficiency upgrades. energy.

“It will also help brokers understand which renovation mortgages they could suggest to their clients to help them finance the home renovations they want.

“As homeowners grapple with energy bills and consider how to improve their properties, our calculator provides brokers with the knowledge and power to help them do just that.”

The tool also recommends mortgage lenders who can help homeowners improve their home’s energy efficiency.

Fischel added: “Against the backdrop of soaring energy costs and mortgage interest rates, we are launching our free retrofit calculator to make energy efficiency improvements more accessible to UK homeowners.

“Renovation is truly a win-win situation for everyone involved – reducing household costs, decreasing the risk of default for lenders and increasing property valuations. With 28 million homes needing to be retrofitted by 2050 to meet the UK’s climate target, as a nation we are just getting started.

Shekina is the business writer for Mortgage Solutions. She has over four years of experience in the B2B publishing market, with previous industries including accounting, pets, funerals, hospitality, retail and jewelry. She currently reports mortgage market news and liaises with financial clients to produce sponsored content. Follow her on Twitter at @ShekinaMS

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