A scientific calculator that you can have in your browser without installing anything

There is no shortage of calculator options to always have it at hand. From the Windows calculator, web applications and the one integrated into our mobiles.

But if you want to have a new option that can be consulted from your web browser, you can consider this proposal, thanks to the fact that Google has converted the built-in calculator from Chrome OS to a PWA.

A calculator to use from any web browser

You don’t need to install anything in your browser, just open calculator.apps.chrome and you will find all functions of a scientific calculator. As you will see, it is not even limited to a particular web browser, as it is not an extension.

An option that has several advantages. For example, you will have the calculator in full screen and you can use it as much as you want without worrying about being interrupted by advertisements. And if you want to minimize tab or use split screen in Windows, you can do it without any problem.

You will see that the calculator adapts to the size you assign to the screen. So if you want to work in split screen so you don’t lose sight of the task or project you’re working on while you perform the operations, you just have to click on the different menus so that they scroll on the tab.

You can therefore use it as a basic calculator without problems with the minimized screen or use the rest of the functions by scrolling the panels. Please note that when you close the browser window, you lose all data, so be careful not to close it accidentally.

It’s a simple option, but it can come in handy for you on more than one occasion. If you like the dynamics it offers, just bookmark it and the rest of your favorite web tools.

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