A new carbon calculator can be added to any website

Sustainable Travel International has launched a carbon calculator feature that any travel agency can add to their website

Any company can now feed the carbon offset directly from their own website, via the integrated carbon footprint calculator which calculates and offsets travel-related emissions.

Once integrated, website visitors can use the calculator to calculate their travel emissions and purchase carbon offsets from Sustainable Travel International.

Designed to be a simple solution for companies to offer their customers high quality carbon offsets, the calculator can be applied to emissions from flights but also from cruises, vehicles, yachts and private jet charters.

This comes at a time when 69% of travelers say they are committed to reducing or offsetting the carbon footprint of their trip.

“We are excited to deliver this new technology that will enable more companies to engage their stakeholders in carbon neutral travel and increase climate finance,” said Paloma Zapata, CEO of Sustainable Travel International.

“We look forward to continuing to innovate and deliver practical, transformative solutions that drive tourism towards net zero emissions.”

To get your own embeddable carbon footprint calculator, generate your free iFrame here.

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